Wii U 8GB Basic Set is Now Out of Stock at GameStop

GenGAME writes: "It’s official: GameStop is now out of stock of Wii U’s 8GB Basic Set. Inventory cleared just over week after the new system’s price and release date were announced on September 13. GameStop has yet to comment on whether more pre-orders may become available in the future. For now, let’s just assume that Nintendo’s going to have to move mountains to satisfy the existing demand."

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Godmars2902244d ago

Did I miss something and the system's already out, or are they talking about pre-orders?

Regardless, I feel like this whole thing is just an engineered manipulation to cause holiday buzz and boost Nintendo's stock price for the quarter. That the only real things the general consumer and gamer are going to get are headaches and overcharged on the eBay grey market.

Moonman2244d ago

Can't really blame anything but demand. Nintendo could only guess-stimate potential pre-sales. Now they

mike1up2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

Gamestop, Best Buy, Target, Toys R Us, and Nintendo are all in this together to make money for eBay lol. That sure is nice of them.

There is a strategy involved to increase demand, but products cannot purchase themselves. Nobody saw this coming, so this is impressive news.


Yes, these are pre-orders. The system hasn't been released lol.

Knight_Crawler2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

@Godmars - Yeah but when Sony uses the excuse its legit - the double standard here always amazes me.
Why is it so hard to give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt and maybe the Wii U is really in high demand and they just cant keep up with the production.

In an interview with Die Welt, Sony CEO Howard Stringer tells the German newspaper he believes Sony captured the casual audience before Nintendo did. "We held the same target group with the Singstar karaoke game. But perhaps we neglected to pursue that avenue." He admits that PlayStation titles target hardcore gamers. "Playstation games are rather designed for those who play a lot. Although it's a different strategy, it pays off. We currently have a production bottleneck with the PlayStation 3 ... Consumers are purchasing our PlayStation 3 video game consoles faster than we can produce them." Stringer also doesn't see Nintendo as a rival. "The Wii is not succeeding at our expense – it is not hurting us. We decided years ago to build a game console that offers much greater functionality."

zebramocha2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Your statement is confusing,the ps3 was already out by the time of the interview,the wiiu hasn't hit retail yet and if this is true,wouldn't make sense to have more units because obviously people want the system.

Biggest2243d ago

Call it what you want, Knight_Crawler. All of the companies do it. Don't pretend that Sony and their "fans" are the only people to defend it (Hey!!! Look at that Knight_Crawler guy!). They release an amount sufficient to supply the gotta-have-it-NOW crowd while also building buzz. The people that miss the first batch then feel the need to get the next batch or the world will end. It happens every single time.

Trunkz Jr2243d ago

The Black one is sold out as well, holy geez =/ (American Gamestop tho) EBgames Canada still has them.

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hatsume-miku2243d ago

Amazing! WiiU is gonna be a big success! I will buy the console as soon as I have the money to do it! So many wonderful games already announced and many will follow! I want Metroid Prime 4!

Knight_Crawler2243d ago

Bubbles for you hatsu... at least your not like some sheep on here who are just hating on the Wii U to be hipster.

Biggest2243d ago

Yup. Now he/she is like the OTHER sheep that are defending the Wii U to be a hipster.

r212243d ago

what the? what have you done with the real miku O_O

hatsume-miku2243d ago

Well, sometimes people can change their mind...

SonyNGP2243d ago

Oh bull. You changed your username lol.

ChickeyCantor2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

Who ever you are, this is brilliant. I wonder how the real Miku will react xD

hatsume-miku2243d ago

What are you talking about? I'm the only one and the original! ;)

Sono4212243d ago

Wait check when the accounts were made... he actually is the original, the hater came later. Unless he somehow just made it appear that it was made before?

hatsume-miku2243d ago

Didnt'I say that I'm the only one and the original? :)

FinalomegaS2243d ago

just for reference in the future, every time i see you post something negative about the wiiu will just remind you of this.

If indeed you have been abducted by aliens and the real you returns, this will only show your former self what has happen in your absence : )

hatsume-miku2243d ago

Soooo... you are stating that I had post something bad about WiiU in the past? Actually I don't remember... Really...

Sono4212243d ago

Fucking briliant! I love it! Best trolling ive seen in a while ^_^ bubss++

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Trunkz Jr2243d ago

I hate jerks that buy it just to sell it more expensive on e-bay for Christmas time, grow up and get a real job.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2243d ago (Edited 2243d ago )

If people don't do research then they deserve that price..

Tsalagi2243d ago

True, if someone is dumb enough to pay $1000+ for a WiiU they deserve it but it sucks for those of us who just want to go to the store and buy the system to enjoy it but can't because the line/preorders are filled with Ebay resalers. They're no better than ticket scalpers.

ChickeyCantor2243d ago


It's because of christmas pressure. It's usually because of their kids really wanting that console.

It's the people who sell them at a higher price who screw these poor people over. They know and completely understand the pressure. So they take advantage of it.

Of course they can wait until the stores got new packages on the shelves. But that won't satisfy the ones they want to please.

Biggest2243d ago

I know what WILL satisfy them.

STFU!!! *boot to the face* Now have a Merry Christmas little boy.

Or maybe a Wii ioU?

TongkatAli2243d ago

Maybe they do have real jobs and make extra money on the side. Are you butthurt over people making money ?

V0LT2243d ago

Sadly, a lot of pre-orders are people doing just that.

user98412882243d ago

I got em' all. If you want to play mario this year pay up kids or christmas is ruined mwhhahahah

sandman2242243d ago

I pre ordered the 32gb model last week. No way will I sell it to make a couple of dollars. I'll just enjoy my time with Mario u and zombie u. And for all you who didn't ore order right away, you snooze you loose. Mawhahah!

Knight_Crawler2243d ago

Lucky you - I promised my kids that santa will have a Wii U under the xmas tree the year even if I have to go to the north pole to get it...but so far I can not seem to pre order one :(

EPIKgamer2243d ago

What have you done! that's like promising a woman she won't get pregnant after banging here with no protection, its a HUGE risk!!!

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