Wii U Basic and Deluxe models now on GameStop wait list

XMNR: GameStop announced that it is completely sold out of pre-orders for both the Basic and Deluxe versions of the Wii U on Friday. However, it has started a wait list for PowerUp Rewards Members.

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playlikemario2310d ago

yes yes yes, that time has come where the Wii U is such a hot item that the only way to preorder is if your power up rewards member. this is a glorious day and a shining star for Nintendo. and i heard from a gamestop rep that my store will be having a midnight release which is all the more sweeter a gift for me going broke every two weeks as i pay off the Wii U. i was just in gamestop today and they are all set up for the Wii U release and i have my preorders ZombiU, NSMBU, and madden 13 and im all set. now the waiting continues.

2310d ago
MrWonderful2310d ago

Damn I'm on the wait list but I'm the first person on it hahahaha

Crazyglues2310d ago

LoL... love that avatar.. he's my fav. guy on shark tank because he's always brutally honest.

Such a great show...

playlikemario2310d ago

just got off the phone with a gamestop rep and he told me that power up reward members are the first to get the reserves after the launch on Nov 18th. he then told me that the reserves will be into January for the waiting list cause the demand for both systems at gamestop are so high. that made me supper happy that i got my preorder when i did but i got to pay down 347 dollars before the 18th or im SOL. time to go to work.

Moonman2310d ago

I bet Miku and Mika

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