My Coolest moments in PlayStation 3 history: Cheers, To the good times

These are just some of the cool things that have happened over the life of the PS3 that I look back fondly on. While these may not be everyone’s favorite moments they are still great moments in PS3 history. And if you can think of more great moments then by all means tell them to me and enjoy.

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remanutd552216d ago

I still remember when i got my launch ps3 system, i went back home so excited only to know that my tv was so freaking old that didnt support the standard cables the ps3 came with, i had to go to radioshack and bought an adaptor and i played Fall of Man with that TV for like a month maybe less but then i got myself a 46"XBR2 bravia TV with HDMI cable, oh my god i couldnt believe i was playing the same lol, it was like a new experience to me lol.

another moment was went i instantly felt in love with Motorstorm, as soon as i got my copy and started playing the game i knew i have just found a new favorite game on a playstation console.


I think I have you on my friends list on ps3 lol

Rhythmattic2215d ago


I'm totally flabbergasted that you have people disagreeing with your own personal experience....

WT ?

remanutd552215d ago

yes i don't understand why they are disagreeing with my comment, kinda weird, i dont think there is nothing to disagree with but hey to each their own i guess.

Rhythmattic2215d ago

Someone is haunting me with disagree' s too....

Show yourself !!!

ZoyosJD2215d ago

Don't over react to disagrees, it just feeds the trolls.

OT: 1. Every time someone walked in and asked what movie was I watching...when I was playing a game. 2. Getting my Ps3 and downloading every demo available. 3. Playing online with friends I hadn't seen in years.

Rhythmattic2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

ZoyosJD ,
I am feeding the trolls, out of pure entertainment.... I honestly really dont give a flying F...
Most these knobs , and possibly their parents weren't born when I was playing games....

As for a special PS3 moment....

It'd have to be when the guy "sharted" in MGS4.... Funny as Fnck...

3-4-52215d ago

Some people honestly think they know everything. Even if it includes stuff about people they have never met.

If only those people understood that even thought they don't experience still happens.

I like to call them ignorant.

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DivineAssault 2216d ago

I was the happiest man on earth when my 60GB arrived on my doorstep... I had 2 20GB i stood in line for but sold em on ebay cuz i wanted the one with all the bells & wistles.. I still have my phat phat & its still the sexiest game console ive seen to date.. 100% backwards compatible beast of a console.. It came with Ricky Bobby on blu ray too XD

josephayal2215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

The 60gb ps3 imo is the best console ever. Worth every cent tbh this console is a monster .. Omg i cant imagine the FAT PS4

morkendo232215d ago (Edited 2215d ago )

Dont know about you guys online but for me (keeping it REAL)
my cool moment CRASHED after i realize sony only after HARDCORE gamers with their NEW console ps3.
it sadden me greatly to find out all my ps2 games was not welcome to sony's ps3 generation. i mean i was hoping for better quality, better graphic in HD of my favorite ps2,ps1 games, low an behold none made it over (except) GT,NFS,R&C,RAYMAN,SLY COOPER, Jax an Dexter on hold. slidescrolling making a SLOW!!!! comeback that alone CRASHED my cool moment. wii-U seem more temping now NINTENDO always had and will continue have VARIETY!!! for every!!! gamer not SELECTIVE hardcore gamer but ALL gamers.

I know ps3 have variety but not as they used to.

bahabeast2215d ago

i original had a 60gig beauty sold it and got a 40gig spiderman bundle. that dies now i still have my original slim and waiting to get a super slim :)

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