What is your definiton of hardcore?

What is your definition of hardcore?

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LX-General-Kaos2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

My definition of Hardcaore would be The Legend Of Zelda Ocarena Of Time. There are others as well but thats the 1st title that comes to mind. And for good reason.

Pretty much the greatest example that I can come up with due to the difficulty level of the game. Along with the games refusal to hold your hand through tough situations. Forcing you to think and use your survival instinct. While at the same time pushing challenging puzzles, and crazy boss fights that go further than most of todays games.

A lot of todays games pretty much do everything for you and scoot you along through the experience like a small child in his/her 1st day of school. Constantly giving you indicators as if you were playing with a permanent GPS, which I personally feels takes away from the adventure of an adventure title. While also offering a lot of auto platforming situations that dont really push the player to try a bit harder to reach a destination, and QTE for a stylish but very easy flair. Todays developers have clearly taken style over substance to deliver a movie like experience, but not enough rewarding or challenging gameplay.

I would say that another good example of hardcore would be Nintendo Wii U entertainment system upcoming exclusive ZombiU. Another very unforgiving title that refuses to hold your hand.

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iamnsuperman2311d ago

You don't give up do you.......

Hardcore is really difficult to define. I do not see hardcore games as a separate genre/entity in gaming. I see mature games (with mature themes) and casual games and then a mixture of the two. To be frank you can be a hardcore gamer and still play social/casual games (amount of hours and money people put into these games). I guess the term Hardcore can be used for people who follow these sites and discuss stuff which again can apply to people who play social/casual games

FriedGoat2310d ago

Hardcore barely exists anymore. Quakeworld, quake 2, quake 3 arena, trackmania, Unreal tournament (the older ones) Kingpin, CS 1.6. nothing these days comes close.

LX-General-Kaos2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )


I have not played much quake, but Unreal Tournament is one of my favorite shooter franchises of all time. I play it on the PC often and have fingers crossed in hopes that EPIC is kind enough to bring the next iteration. Well any version of Unreal Tournament to the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system.

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dark-hollow2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

"hardcore" gamer in origins means a gamer that obsessed and truly loves playing games, a gamer that appreciate niche quality games that get ignored by the masses, a gamer that would buy a console if he could even if he dont like the father company as long as the system provides good games for him and dont base his/her purchases by blind brand loyalty.

thats the true meaning of a hardcore gamer IMO. now sadly the term has been altered and now means angry, whiny nerds bitching about everything they dont like, looking for sex and blood in their games to prove how much hardcore they are.

BuffMordecai2310d ago

Your definition seems pretty spot on, but those new "hardcore" whiny bitches seem to disagree.

Kos-Mos2310d ago

Bloody hell, it`s you Kaos. Playing UT2004 on kinserver. Haha. Love too see you there.

oricon2309d ago

Hardcore is just a stupid term used by people to make themselves seem superior.

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ChickeyCantor2311d ago

When it comes to people calling themselves "hardcore gamers" :
Overly entitled brats.

DivineAssault 2311d ago

U know something sidar, i really dislike u.. Just because other ppl dont share your same beliefs, they're overly entitled brats? Who the F**K are u?! I see all the cheap shots u throw at ppl cuz they have a different taste in games.. Are your tastes best?

ChickeyCantor2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

And who are you to criticize me? Am I not entitled to my opinion?

I never claimed my tastes is the best. Never will.
Neither have I suppressed someones opinion to prioritize mine.

Gamers today are a whiny bunch. That's how I experienced it for being here 6 years on n4g.

Don't like my opinions on certain matters? Your problem.

" I see all the cheap shots u throw at ppl cuz they have a different taste in games"

Quote me. Quote me where I bash someone personally for their game taste.

DivineAssault 2310d ago

agreed but i dont call ppl out their names.. If i debate someone, its with respect toward their opinion.. I dont belittle anyones thoughts or opinions.. Cheapshots by name calling is beyond disrespect & unnecessary on a gaming website.. If i dont agree, ill say it.. But i dont call ppl things because my opinion is different

ChickeyCantor2310d ago (Edited 2310d ago )

Just because I express myself in such manner doesn't mean people need to take it personally. It's not like I affect their lives or anything.

Besides I wasn't debating, just simply expressing my opinion. Apparently you took it personally and there really was no reason for it.

live2play2310d ago

this generation saw a growth of overly entitled brats

being a hardcore gamer means playing or willing to play any game on any system that looks fun, no matter the rating nor the graphics

ThePsychoGamer2311d ago (Edited 2311d ago )

SOme who's willing to play a game no matter what region it's released in.

Sadly Nintendo is trying to fight us hardcore region free gamers, betraying us, ignoring us by region locking there systems, then trying to label us pirates when we hack the system to give it the feature gamers and developers deserve. Someday soon though they will loose this fight and we the gamers will see a bright new age of region free gaming.

Break the locks

mulder16172311d ago

Unfortunately your right. There has been so many awesome games that have been Japan only or elsewhere.

Son_Lee2311d ago

Hardcore = dedication. Simple as that.

Griffin48712310d ago

I agree, but some people take the term to another level, thinking hardcore means "cool". It just defines a gamer's avidity in playing games.

hardcorehippiez2310d ago

one game for me springs to mind is socom ps2 . the players on this game were/ are hardcore to the bone. it needed dedication and it was /is hard to master but worth the hours put into it. clan member i knew would not think twice about having 3 day gaming marathons at the weekend and practially just ate slept and played socom . thats dedication and thats hardcore
different games for different peoples tastes but if they put the same dedication in then they are hardcore regardless of what they play. casual tend to go from franchise to franchise but hardcore always seem to find their niche and stick to it .

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