If Portal’s Chell had a dating site profile

Everybody needs love. Yes, even fictional characters. But where do our favorite heroes and villains from gaming go when they’re looking to find that special someone? Hey, this is the digital age! They’d go to a dating web site, of course! A place where gaming characters could search for their soul mates. Well, such a place could look something like Extra Hearts, our made-up dating site for fictional digital people.

This time, we look at Chell’s profile. Will the hero of Valve’s Portal series find true love online? Hopefully, she’s as good at romancing as she is at puzzle-solving.

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wita2312d ago

YES! The first one of these was so good. Glad to see a second.

Sadie21002312d ago

Would not bang!! Hahaha

SybaRat2312d ago

And you know she's not going to run off at the mouth, either.

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The story is too old to be commented.