DICE: Microsoft Seeks Casual Market on Xbox

Shooters like Halo and Gears Of War have catapulted Microsoft to a leadership position in the videogames business, but now they're trying to figure out how to capture an audience outside the hardcore.

Shane Kim, corporate vice president of Microsoft Game Studios, took the stage at the DICE Summit on Thursday morning to answer a barrage of questions about Xbox 360 from New York Times reporter Seth Schiesel. The talk kept coming back to the new casual mass market gamer, and while Kim seemed confident that Microsoft would be able to expand its userbase, he stopped short of giving any concrete details as to how his first-party games group would do this in 2008.

Kim also briefly talked about the Halo IP, Halo 3 and Halo Wars, Nintendo's Wii, Bungie's departure, the financial bottom line, third party games and the console wars, this month's NPD sales release and Xbox 360's supply issue, and Microsoft's portable gaming plans. However, he shied away from talking about any new games from the internal Microsoft division that he runs.

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Da360sucks4325d ago

The Casual Market
doesn't want 2 pay for online service

wageslave4325d ago

Videogames on Windows and on MSN are very big with the casual gamer.

They will have no problem with enabling 3rd parties (think XNA) to bring all the bite-sized gaming opportunities

wiizy4325d ago

i wonder what fanboys are going to say now. maybe they going to hate microsoft now since they are creating casual games..... anyways i see everyone wants to copy wii now...and you[re right wii has free online.