GiantBomb: The Skinny on Halo 4's Campaign

GiantBomb writes: Halo 4 is probably the most interesting thing that's happened to the Xbox's most crucial first-party series in ages. I mean that from a faraway, academic point of view, though. It's the first time in the franchise's long lifespan that anyone other than Bungie has taken a stab at creating a core Halo first-person shooter. Will it play like Halo? Will it feel like Halo? Is there any more room for fresh storytelling in a decade-old franchise that already wrapped up its initial trilogy with a nice tidy bow? Those were the questions that swirled in my head as Drew and I flew up to 343 Industries in Washington last week to get our hands on just about every aspect of the game Microsoft's flagship studio has been slaving over.

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TripC502221d ago

I know right! It's like raiders of the lost ark. I'm too scared to look anyway

IQUITN4G2221d ago

I had some sense to not watch the video but I'd sure like to. Took a look at two of the screens though and it's a lovely looking game