Polygon: 'Halo 4's' Dominion mode delivers a sense of urgency to multiplayer

Polygon writes: At last week's Halo 4 preview event, developer 343i unveiled a new multiplayer mode for the series, Dominion.

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Master_S2314d ago

The king of FPS is coming, hatter gonna be hate.

Tyrone_Biggums2314d ago

When I was a kid, Halo multiplayer was like some good quality addicting!!!

Starbucks_Fan2314d ago

Remember what the Bible says: He who is without sin, cast the first rock. And I shall smoketh it.

bubblebeam2314d ago


Religion is for idiots. Go start a world war elsewhere.

TOPIC: If there is still friendly fire, I cannot imagine myself playing it for long.

Halo Reach was pretty much destroyed by friendly fire. How I got over 30,000 kills is beyond me.

The immaturity of the Halo fanbase really shone through with Reach, so I say we take the power away from them. Every game people get kicked for friendly fire, because they didn't get the weapon they wanted. Then 1 team would be disadvantaged with less players.

Its funny how friendly fire is activated, yet if you do it, you get kicked and it ruins the game for everyone. It's almost like they wanted their online to suck.

Starbucks_Fan2314d ago

I was quoting from the Dave Chappalle show, which the user Tyrone_Biggums is related to. Best show ever.

bubblebeam2314d ago


Wow, I feel like an idiot. Did NOT see tyrones post, a I would have got the joke.

Now I have to do the walk of shame :(

SixZeroFour2314d ago

but even if kicking by friendly fire is there, im pretty sure it was stated that you are now able to join session in progress, so the lopsidedness shouldnt be as obvious anymore

-Alpha2314d ago

Holy wow this sounds awesome. Really like the added layers of thought with the idea of longer held areas becoming stronger

TrevorPhillips2314d ago

Cannot wait for Halo 4! :D

Dominion mode looks really awesome, check it out