Has Gearbox Been Hired to Continue Halo?

"Earlier this week, Gearbox Software President and CEO, Randy Pitchford, revealed that the company is in the early stages of a new project that is the most important development they have ever worked on.

If Gearbox is indeed developing the next Halo game, could this be "Halo: Chronicles," the new chapter co-created by Peter Jackson, or are we looking at the first news of Halo 4?" writes César A. Berardini.

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Iamback4324d ago

I am sure he is talking about "borderlands". That game has been hyped a LOT

shotputking4324d ago

borderlands is not in the early stages... it was playable last september, and is supposed to be released later this year.

i've heard a few rumors that gearbox is working on the next dead rising... but it's all speculation until something is announced.

mintaro4324d ago

i wouldnt be surprised, after all to the best of my recollection, they did work on halo for the pc

VirusE4324d ago

I am a HUGE halo fan but i honestly think MS needs to let the core halo series have a few year break. I dont want to see them pull a tony hawk with something i love so much.

Bnet3434324d ago (Edited 4324d ago )

No dude screw that, looks at how many spin off Mario has had, why cant halo have it then? How about Final fantasy? 13 games not including spinoffs. no, they should continue halo and they will.

u got owned4324d ago

@ #3


I'm the biggest Halo series fan, its my favorite game but they definitely need to give it a break!

etownone4324d ago

a break????

we get a halo game once every 3-4 years...and you want a break??

look at FF, MGS, Mario, Tony Hawk

LaChance4324d ago

A new HALO with geow kinda graphics would be great

AceLuby4324d ago

It's called Unreal Tournament...

j/k, but not really, what more do you want?

etownone4324d ago

agreed that would be awesome.

bigjclassic4324d ago

Halo Chronicles for 360. Gearbox dont they make shooters??
So is this gonna be FPS or TPS??
*dont care either way*

Bnet3434324d ago

You don't care but you're asking. My god ....

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The story is too old to be commented.