Don’t Panic: The Wii U Naysayers Are Wrong

Kotaku writes: "Nintendo is doomed. Haven't you heard? They're about to release a new, underpowered console with a funny name that's built around a silly gimmick. There's no way anyone will buy it."

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TruthbeTold2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

"Wii U naysayers" are the type of people who more often than not, never intended to give the console the time of day anyway and/or want to convince people to wait for their favorite company's as of yet unannounced upcoming console so that they can do their part helping them 'win'. So really, who cares what they say?

Yes, lately Nintendo uses old tech in creative ways so that they can try to offer gaming experiences with their characters that people haven't had yet.

Yes, even though it's 'old tech' in the Wii U, Nintendo would literally have had to try harder than it's worth to make an HD console less capable than those already on the market.

Yes, PS4 and Nextbox will be more advanced machines whenever they release.

Yes, Wii U will get more 'hardcore' 3rd party support and multi-platform games than the Wii did, though the quality of them as compared to the as of yet non-existent next gen competitors remains to be seen.

Bottom line? If you like Nintendo franchises, want to play cool games like Zombi U, and wait for Smash Bros, Zelda, Metroid and the like, and you can afford it, you aren't making a bad decision.

If you prefer an overall different type of gaming and don't want a Wii U, you aren't making a bad decision.

If you're just hating because of a loyalty that's gotten out of hand, there's no way you can 'win' because you're losing by existing in the way you choose to as a gamer.

tl;dr = The Wii U will be great for many gamers, but isn't for everyone. If you hate it simply because you see it as a threat, or because you won't have the money to purchase it AND your favorite other 'Super HD console' though, then you're just sad. The article said it well: 'This is a console to be reckoned with.'

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ZeekQuattro2218d ago

Having grown up in the 80s and 90s this is nothing new. Every new Nintendo system that was released after the SNES was supposed to be the end of Nintendo as a console maker and first party publisher. When the Wii was announced it got even worse. I laugh at it all. Its all deja vu to me.

live2play2218d ago

thats great xD
i grew up in the 90's
but i had no clue about the internet i just played

its amazing what you say about your exoerience

dark-hollow2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

dont people really remember the last time most of us acted as professional gaming industry analysts trying to predict the fate of this generation way back at 2005?

this gen was full of surprises nobody even thought it would happen. trends comes and go, and you cant predict how well the next gen consoles would do based by how their predecessors done in this generation, its more complicated than that, and there are two major pieces of the next gen puzzle that are still missing, the next xbox and the ps4.

how much would they cost? how powerful? what new innovations, trends they would bring? would the wii u lead effect them or not? its all unknown.

IWentBrokeForGaming2218d ago

if they keep the console on the GAMES track it'll do just fine, but if they just ride the "but look at how you can play our games" train... then it'll get wayyyy older quicker than the Wii!

If the specs are anything like we've been reading on here and the games like Zombi U, Batman, Assasins Creed just to name a few are only not even the tip of the iceberg. Nintendo IS generally showing they want the hardcore crowd ALSO this time... but all we can do is wait/see how serious they are for that crowd. Especially how will that kind of support hold up once the next Sony/MS consoles show up?

-Alpha2218d ago

I think Wii U has a lot more options than Wii when it comes to gameplay, so I dont see it getting older quicker. On top of that, Nintendo had some great exclusives throughout the lifetime of the Wii, so I expect them to continue that solid experience they bring. The major question is third party support, and with Nintendo taking games like Bayo, at the start at least, it sounds promising.

ZeekQuattro2218d ago

Its also annoying how people abuse the word gimmick like it is a bad thing. Pretty much anything you buy has a gimmick going for it. Xbox360. Be the first to buy the first HD home console. Wii. Now with motion controls. PS3. Be the first to own the very first Blu-Ray device. Did we mention we are also HD? All gimmicks to help move products.

Ulf2218d ago (Edited 2218d ago )

Oh man I love it when Kotaku jumps the gun and backs the wrong fanboys.

The sum total of their reasoning is "Nintendo is great... look at DS, Wii, 3DS". They have conveniently forgotten that the Wii has lost Nintendo a truckload of $$ in the last couple years, and that the GC and N64 before it were hardly winners, in the console space. Those are some stylish rose-tinted shades.

Also... "strong online support". Riiight. That's why Nintendo is releasing a 8GB stock version, and a 32GB "premium" model -- for all the premium download space for their new premium online services. LoL... whatever. I'd be surprised if a decent friends list makes an appearance.

AJBACK2FRAG2217d ago

Almost. Nintendo has sold over ninety million Wii's. (Pretty good?) When the Wii was released it was an instant sell out. Stores did not have Wii's period (wow look at all those PS3's!). For at least the first three years The Wii and it's accompanying software, for the most part, sold like insanity if you look at sales of games like Mario Kart Wii, Animal Crossing etc. you'd be thought of as crazy if you couldn't admit to yourself and us that the Wii wasn't a huge success!
At the same time The Nintendo DS was printing money
Back in the day Nintendo sold about twenty two million GCN's narrowly missing out on second place to the original Xbox (which lost four billion dollars) and everybody and their mother were talking about Nintendo goin software only! Except at that time Nintendo was also selling a little doodad called the Game Boy Advance! Remember it changed the world?
And lastly the N64 was just awesome! Mine still works! Crazy!
Strong online support? Neither you or I know what Nintendo is planning but Nintendo TVii sure was a surprise! Right now Nintendo is numero uno and I don't see that changing for a long time!

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