IGN - Yakuza 5 is bigger than ever

IGN - 5 characters. Find out what's been shown of Yakuza 5 at Tokyo Game show.

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waltyftm2215d ago

Great stuff, love the Yakuza series, so this is a must buy for me.

SaiyanFury2215d ago

Considering the fact that SEGA brought over Yakuza: Dead Souls, and I'm hoping they'll bring over the HD collection of the PS2 games, I think they'll bring over the 5th game considering it's, quite literally, the biggest game in the series to date. :)

Kos-Mos2215d ago

I had to turn off the speakers while watching.

KittyEmperor2215d ago

Looks great, hopefully it doesn't take them long to get it over here to the states. Kazuma starting to look a little old though and you get to play as Haruka so that should be interesting.

tiffac0082214d ago

Sega localize this and take my cold hard earned cash now!