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sak5004329d ago

The article is not lame. Vista for the time being is not required and useful for laptops or regular machines as it is a system hog. BTW i dint post this news.

I have a great setup other than 7950GX2 but rest of components are quite good when overclocked. The performace is pretty much high end @3.4ghz 1720fsb, i get 5.4 on vista score. But I dont like playing BF2142 on vista and stil play it on my xp.

perseus4329d ago

The only reason Vista is selling so much in most countries is because the big companies refuse to sell people computers without an OS.

Come back to me when there's an operating system that has gained share in the market because of its inherent value, rather than one that has been forced into the marketplace due to backroom deals with computer manufacturers and big retailers.

killax35634329d ago

I just bought a sweet a$$ laptop (Dell XPS 1530) but unfortunately windows xp wasn't an option, it only came with Vista. i have to tell you, Vista is terrible for playing games.

Battlefield 2142 crashes like crazy in Vista, so now i am in the process of downgrading to XP (i'm downloading XP off of bittorrent as we speak).

alot of Vista's problems with gaming has to do with DirectX 10 (which is Vista only) being non-backwards compatible with DirectX 9 (at least that is what i read). avoid Vista at all costs for gaming.

decapitator4329d ago

Right. With sales over a million because you are forced to get vista with almost any new computer you get. There is the option of getting XP but then you need to pay more to do. Is all about "choice" huh Microsoft ?

jaja14344329d ago

BF2142 works just fine on my Vista partition...

Ohh there is nothing to make DX10 incompatable, with DX9. Actually you can choose to use DX9 over DX10 if you so desire.

meepmoopmeep4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

i assume they count the ones installed on every new pc computer. to me that's not a sale. nobody wants vista nor needs it.

jaja14344329d ago

Going to lose a bubble for this....

So does that mean that BR didn't actually win, since 95% of the units sold were "forced" on the customers.

Not that I really care about the HD format war that was, but a unit sold is a unit sold, weather you bought the little Vista box, or it came with your new computer.

killax35634329d ago

'Ohh there is nothing to make DX10 incompatable, with DX9. Actually you can choose to use DX9 over DX10 if you so desire.'

You are absolutely, 100% wrong. You need to study harder in CS. BTW, i don't remember being given a choice of DX9 or Dx10, where do you make that choice in Vista Mr. Computer expert?

'...Prior to DirectX 10, DirectX was designed to be backward compatible with older drivers, meaning that newer versions of the APIs were designed to interoperate with older drivers written against a previous version's DDI. For example, a game designed for and running on Direct3D 9 with a graphics adapter driver designed for Direct3D 6 would still work, albeit possibly with gracefully degraded functionality. However, as of Windows Vista, due to the significantly updated DDI for Windows Display Driver Model drivers, Direct3D 10 cannot run on older hardware drivers.'

4329d ago
jaja14344329d ago

I kind of like that you got so riled up over this. Anyhow there are only a few DX10 games out but here are 2 you can run in DX9 mode, the rest I'm sure you can, I just honestly don't care enough to look up more than this.

And since I decided to run Crysis, in Vista on the 8800GTS in DX9(since DX10 is only slightly better visually but with a huge req.) it kind of proves your little rant wrong. Granted it does take an edit to the cmd line but none the less, DX9 in Vista.

And for your second rant, Vista has yet to crash anyone of my programs. Well no thats not entirely true, it didn't like Sacrifice when I tried to install it a while ago, but that was fixed with a simple "google" check. Yep that was pretty much it. Well no, it did crash Firefox one time, does that count?

Listen, I know from reading your post, that you for some reason have jumped onto the Vista hating bandwagon when you really have no reason to. And thats fine, hell I prefer Linux over Vista as I said in a later post, but before you go off trying to insult my intelligence please do some research first. I only say this because I proved both of your comments wrong.

Cheery O my good man.

killax35634328d ago

'Listen, I know from reading your post, that you for some reason have jumped onto the Vista hating bandwagon when you really have no reason to.'

Wow, you're a really bad reader. If you read my posts carefully, you would know that I am downgrading from Vista to XP (right now in fact). That's a pretty good reason to hate Vista. On Vista, I can't play BF2142 without it crashing (and btw, i know a thing or two about computers as well, having worked as a system administrator in Silicon Valley).

jaja14344328d ago

And as I said, BF works just fine on mine. And from working in the valley as you say, you should know that no two computers are alike. Just because your BF decided to crash, which if you visit the BF forums you'll find isn't all that uncommon for any OS you decide to us, does not mean it's Vista fault. My BF decided to crash because of first a sound driver problem, then a video driver problem, then back to a sound driver. In any event being a Sys. Admin in the valley should have taught you that no two machines are the same. And just because yours decided it didn't want to play BF does not mean it's the OS fault per say. Actually I find it odd that a person such as yourself wouldn't simple choose to fix the problem instead of going through the hassle of switching to XP. But I suppose BF isn't your only reason, at least I hope it's not.

In any event I really could care less about which you think is better for the simple fact that even though I prefer to use Linux, Vista works just fine for my needs that Ubuntu can't accomplish. So feel free to respond, but I wont read it.

4328d ago
ravenguard884328d ago

@ SlippyMadFrog

Technically, BluRay does remove "functionality" as it limits games in the way of it's slow transfer rates. For these reasons game designers need to take extra care and use techniques including redundancy to get as much out of it as possible. In addition, many games REQUIRE and greatly benefit (read: need them to match the competition) relatively large installs. Though, being a console, ANY install is too much of an install.

About Vista. Vista is a decent operating system. What did people say when XP launched? "Oh, you don't need that. There is no benefit! Stick with Windows 98!" I know, because I was there. I was a Windows 98 supporter until I realized how much better XP would run my games, but it wasn't like that out of the box. Windows Vista just needs time, and developers need time to build their programs with Vista in mind. The majority of problems are caused because there are few programs and games built around Vista. Once there is a high install rate, software will be marketed with Vista as a minimum requirement and will no longer force the operating system to deal with a program built for an older OS. If you read into the benefits and technical additions in Vista you will realize Microsoft is taking things in the right direction (for the most part) and in my opinion, the transition from XP to Vista was much smoother and enjoyable compared to my transition from 98 to XP.

JsonHenry4328d ago

I wonder if these people are some of the same ones that were complaining about XP when it first launched? : )

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zonetrooper54329d ago

I'm not chaing over to Vista until probably either end of this year or next year. XP is good for the time being but truthfully Vista is a great OS but needs more time to be fixed and yes I know its annoying but the same thing happened with XP.

On Apple Mac's you can bootcamp, have Vista/XP one part of the hard drive and the Mac's OS on the other. You can do the same on PC's though.

eagle214329d ago

You wouldn't look so hot. Monopoly is the only way to sell a MS product!

iNcRiMiNaTi4329d ago

i made backup recovery disc but then i found on the ms website that only vista business/ultimate has that option. mines only premium. i want xp back especially with sp3 coming out soon [or is it out already?]

BrotherNick4329d ago

Download it, stick it to's not fair what they're doing, it's not like xp is unstable...and it's better for games.

EZCheez4329d ago

One of many carcases sitting in my closet. I didn't exactly do it for XP but the old laptop has instantly become my favorite again specifically because of XP.

iNcRiMiNaTi4328d ago

i want to downgrade but i dont want my pc getting screwed. i dont know how to boot with the discs i made lol, so if i downgrade and for whatever reason need to wipe my pc again i wont know how to bring it back. i think ill stick with vista for a while. see what happens

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