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GamingXP: "Finally an anime game which doesn't only use the franchise name to call attention. One Piece: Pirate Warriors looks great, it's fun and provides the whole One Piece Experience, starting with Luffy's fight against Buggy."

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Andreas-Sword2271d ago

I think, One Piece: Pirate Warriors is the best One Piece game ever.

Xof2270d ago

Been looking forward to this for a while.

And it's worth noting, I think, that it looks -really- good. Every musou game would benefit from cel-shading, I think. Particularly when, as is the case with the main series (sengoku/sangoku) the lack of blood is there inhbiting realism.

PS3gamer4life2270d ago

when the game the coming out?

SeanScythe2267d ago

North America tomorrow the 25th on the PSN