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GR-UK writes: "Nintendo's just presented the retail model of the Wii U to press, along with select games, at its 'Wii U Experience' in Frankfurt, Germany. We were there to go hands-on with, and photograph, the black premium edition of the console in a behind closed doors section of the show. Check out the shots and impressions in our gallery."

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eagle212221d ago

Me likey. Simple elegance. Clean with no fuss. :)

StraightPath2221d ago

looks sexy! compare that to the ugly ps3 super slim awful design that one. wii u continues its elegance from the wii in terms of design.

darthv722221d ago

if the roles were reversed in some way. Meaning that instead of the wii-u console connected to the tv and you put the disc in there, the wii-u is actually the controller that you put the disc into.

That way it can interface with a tv via wireless (like the controller does now) but if you wanted to take the game with you, you could because the game can continue on the screen in your hands above and beyone the distance restrictions currently in place.

Eventually we will get to that point of convergence where the handheld is in fact the console. You would either dock direct (like the psp go does) or transmit wireless from the handheld to a tv interface (like the wii-u does).

bintarok2221d ago

Beauty indeed. Now, can't wait to see wattage comparison and Blu-Ray performance between WiiU and PS3-SS.

sandman2242221d ago

Awsome pics dude. So this is what next gen looks like. Sweet. And for all you who disagree about my next gen statement. You all can kiss my a__!

brettyd2221d ago

Looks great in black, will definitely get one eventually.

PS3Freak2221d ago

I'm actually getting kind of excited for this.

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The story is too old to be commented.