Borderlands 2 Review [NoobFeed]

Adam from NoobFeed takes on Borderlands 2. The world of Pandora is full of adventures that you will want to spend hours exploring, completing missions, and getting better loot.

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MartMart2216d ago

It's fantastic how well this game has been received. One can only assume they'll make another sequel.

sarydactl2216d ago

I want to play it ; v; . Can anyone tell me if I should play Borderlands 1 first before playing this one?

MasterD9192216d ago

It's not completely necessary but I would...

You can get the GOTY for 15 bucks and the original for half of that probably. Both games are worth it and you'll understand what the missions are about in BL2 a lot more if you do play BL1.

Honestly, BL2 is one of the best sequels I've seen for a game that clearly improves upon the first. You might enjoy seeing what they did differently.

Great games.

AmayaAi2215d ago

Not really necessary Sara. It's not a direct sequel to the Borderlands story. It's actually quite different and better imo.

Rockefellow2215d ago

This is to me what Call of Duty is to most other gamers. I just have no interest in this series, even though I tried to play the first one; it just didn't draw me in.