Reggie Would Love To See Gamecube Games Downloadable On Wii U

FanCensus says: "Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime was asked about the possibility of GameCube games landing on the Wii U. He had this to say."

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Lucretia2216d ago

why? most of the good ones were ported to the wii already.

besides the hard drive is tiny, basically we gotta pay the 300-350 plus another 50-200 bucks for hard drive, then the price of the downloadable game if we wanna pay for something downloadable.

screw that

Moonman2216d ago

I won't bother naming all the good gamecube games that were not ported to Wii.

Lucretia2216d ago

key word was Most sir.

obviously the GC had a few other good games. but honestly, most of the good ones are on the wii now.

tales was cool, and well i cant think of many others. lemme guess, brawl and sunshine?

star fox?

its hard for me to even name these honestly

Baka-akaB2216d ago

You do realize that not everyone plays nintendo games on the nintendo consoles ?

I dont give a rat's ass about any Mario not kart or brawl and yet would still find a solid dozen or two of good gc games .

ChickeyCantor2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

" 50-200 bucks for hard drive"

What the actual F. 200? Are you buying space magic hardware? You can get 1 terrabyte below 100 bucks. And most people won't even use 25% of it.

Also Gamecube discs took about 1.5 gigs. Not sure why you are complaining about hardrive size. And they would probably compress the image file anyway. Not all games took use of all space on the disc.

2216d ago
AWBrawler2216d ago

umm 32 gigs can hold a good amount of gamecube games. the average gamecube game is under 1 gig anyway, and their disc only held 1.4 you could potentially have 32 gamecube games or een more if you also have an sd card thats 32 gig.

and you act like some of us don't already have harddrives laying around. Go troll elsewhere. there's no immediate need to buy a harddrive day 1.

Griffin48712216d ago

"Most" would include Wind Waker, Melee, Baten Kaitos, etc. So your opinion of "most" is flawed. What games are YOU talking about?

RivetCityGhoul2216d ago

luigi's mansion, super smash bros melee, star fox adventures, eternal darkness, super mario sunshine, f-zero gx, legend of zelda: the wind waker, metal gear solid twin snakes, etc etc etc. i don't know where you got your info but alot of the good gamecube games aren't even on the wii.

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fourtwenty20092216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Yeah this is stupid and lame. Of course Nintendo will try and sell you old games you already bought. But consider this: All these old gamecube/wii games on the WiiU:

* Only in SD 480i/480p
* Not playable on Tablet
* No upscaling or visual enhancement whatsoever

Do yourself a favour, go grab your favorite Gamecube games and play them in full HD 1080p in Dolphin on the PC. They will look better than anything you remember and better than the Wii U can play them.

It's really sad for Nintendo consumers that Ninty hasn't backed up a giant money truck to the Dolphin people's house or, in house, done what Dolphin devs have done for free which is upscale and enhance the old Wii/Gamecube games in Full 1080p.

Why would anyone want to play these games in 480i/480p? And why is Nintendo too lazy to do what other developers have given people for free? I'm sure the WiiU has the power to do some basic upscaling like Dolphin does but Nintendo doesn't care about providing that added value to customers. This sucks! Skip the recycled WiiWare and get yourself the latest build of Dolphin, it's incredible what it can do in comparison to what little Nintendo is offering.

(I'm still getting a Wii U, just saying, LOL @ playing old games in 480i/p, way to move gamers to the future Nintendo. Dolphin 1080p FTW!)

Moonman2216d ago

Some rumors say the games will be in HD. Maybe not 1080p, but we will see.

fourtwenty20092216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Actually, No. It has been confirmed in MULTIPLE articles from numerous sources, listed below with source:

"Will the Wii U render my old Wii games in HD?

No. In an interview with Giant Bomb, __Mark Franklin, head of PR for Nintendo, revealed that the Wii U would not "up-res" or upscale Wii games to an HD resolution.__


Furthermore, 1up has provided a quote from Reggie Fils-Aime in which he says, in response to this question, "It will not do that. That's really driven by the hardware, and the original Wii games were built for a specific type of hardware. There's no mechanism to quote-unquote 'up-res' that unless we launch a brand-new game." However, the link provided for the source of this quote is a video where upscaling is not specifically mentioned, so this quote from Reggie is unconfirmed at the moment.


Finally, Ben Kuchera from Wired reports that he was "flatly told" by Nintendo representatives that "the hardware will not be able to improve the resolution of Wii games.""


LOL have fun playing your low-res old games, people who want to see and play these games in the best possible quality will have to play it in full HD 1080p on their PC in Dolphin because a multi billion dollar company can't (won't) do what developers who worked for free could.

Moonman2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I'm not talking about Wii disc software! I am talking about DOWNLOADS!!!!

Edit: it's not my fault you are off topic. Read the article title. LMAO.

fourtwenty20092216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

That's cool because you replied to my comment on the topic of Wii Disc Software and Gamecube downloads on an article about Gamecube downloads. No one is talking about original WiiWare software made for the Wii U. Gamecube "DOWNLOADS!!!!" will all be shitty low quality standard definition. Much much better on Dolphin. Disagree all you like haters, but that's a FACT.

darthv722216d ago

Here, lets put that line into perspective:

"Of course Sony/MS will try and sell you old games you already bought."

They all do it so why single out nintendo in this?

Games on demand are whatever their res was when released on xbox as well as 360.

PS classics are whatever their res was when released on PS1 and PS2.

You are missing the point of such a feature/service. It represents a convenience and convenience comes at a price.

We have already seen that people are willing to pay again for that convenience when it comes to titles on PSN and XBL.

Baka-akaB2216d ago


For starters chill out . Plenty people enjoy dolphin already .. Hell i've mostly played my purchased wii games on my pc (because of the hd option and the silly region locks issues on wii) , but that's not the subject at hand there .

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AWBrawler2216d ago

Why would anyone want to play these games in 480i/480p?

Hmm maybe because they're good games. Hell, PSO is blocky as hell but i still play it almost every day on my Dreamcast and private servers.

josephayal2216d ago

The GameCube has left behind a legacy

DivineAssault 2216d ago

buy the same gamecube games again that i can play on my wii right now? Many of which are widescreen & 480p? I dont think so.. I aint going to lie, i would get windwaker on it but only if it were 1080p..

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