Jaffe: PS3 Twisted Metal Next Project

Kotaku contacted David Jaffe, who's hanging at DICE this week, to see if the gamers were on the money about Twisted Metal for PS3 and he confirmed they were, adding his chagrin at how fast the code was discovered and cracked. Unfortunately, Jaffe hit Kotaku with a big fat no comment when they asked him if the upcoming PS3 version of Metal was going to be hitting the console via a disc or as a downloadable.

"As for how it gets distributed, no comment :)"

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Mr Blings4322d ago

Great news I can't wait....Please release head on as a 1080 psn download while we wait. I have a 40 gb ps3 which means no backwards and my ps2 is dead.

zambrota4322d ago

Blings ---I have a ps2 too but i never played it after purchasing a PS3.

I never played my ps2 games on ps3 at home /at my workplace BabelGames.

Play Uncharted cuz i am very sure that after playing that you wont even PLAY OTHER PS3 game


He is not talking about TWISTED METAL on HD. so you need ps3 to play it not ps2

f7ss14322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

i really dont like digital distribution, i like my games on a disc. i somehow feel the game is going to be not as great as it could be if its downloadable because they cant make those files too too big for psn

fenderputty4322d ago

just bring it on and make it darker and meaner then the previous ones. Can't freakin wait.

Shadowmania4322d ago


I LOVE David Jaffe

Mattearl4322d ago

I'm likin this news!! twisted metal was/is GREAT. I still played the first one a while back, it was hilarious. Rooftop was the bomb!

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The story is too old to be commented.