My axe won't shred

The author is willing to admit he might very well suck at Rock Band, but suspects that the entire design for the Strat Controller might be a more likely culprit.

From the article: "I think the Rock Band Strat may be the weakest point in the Rock Band experience. I know many of you have your own feelings about this, and rather than just running off down Rant Boulevard screaming "This Sucks" I thought I'd present my case to you. First, here are my gripes with the Strat.

* Too Squishy - The Strum Bar on the Strat is way too slow to rebound from a strum to be even remotely accurate in the HARD mode. You have to work your hand to the bone just to get through "Move Along" (DLC) with a decent score..."

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BloodySinner4321d ago

Maybe the author should play a real guitar instead.

JSA-Gamer4321d ago

Maybe the commenter would give him lessons? I can arrange a meeting.

Mr PS34321d ago

But it will cut through an Xbox and smash that pile of sh*t to piece's

killercam194321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

the award for the most pointless comment goes to this fvcking cvnt "Mr PS3"