5 Reasons We Don’t Need or Want a Mass Effect MMO

WC - The Mass Effect series has been hailed as the Star Wars of our generation, and for good reason. Over just three games, Bioware has built a believable universe full of lore, characters and technology, a world we want to live in. Although some fan reaction to the latest in series, Mass Effect 3, was negative, Bioware went ahead and announced a new game anyway yesterday. The founders of Bioware, who have since retired, expressed interest in developing an MMO set in the universe. This article is here to demonstrate why this is not a wise course of action. MMO’s, particularly Bioware MMO’s have failed in the past, and, because of these reasons, it would fail again. Epically.

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Blacktric2307d ago

Seeing Bioware's attempt to make something like The Old Republic was enough reason for me. Besides, they're already milking the franchise to the limit with their DLC BS. They shouldn't add a mediocre pay to play MMO to the mix.

dedicatedtogamers2307d ago

Exactly. Old Republic was a colossal "meh", especially considering all of the hype and money that was poured into it. I can't imagine EA made any money because supposedly it cost 500 million to develop (loooots of voice acting adds up, ya know?)

Bioware is dead. Everyone knows it, but not everyone wants to admit the truth.

tigertron2307d ago

I want a Mass Effect 4 for next-gen consoles and PC continuing after ME3 (following the destroy ending).

listenkids2307d ago

I disagree, an MMO ( done right ) would be phenomenal. Using SWTOR as a reason against is stupid, the game as a whole was done very well - it just wasn't very KOTOR.

Blacktric2307d ago

"the game as a whole was done very well - it just wasn't very KOTOR"

Talk about stupid reasons...

listenkids2306d ago

Stupid reasons for what? I never gave a reason for it being good or bad. I don't judge games based off of other peoples opinions on the internets. I thoroughly played tor to give it a positive remark, many people wanted kotor 3 so bash the game, hence my comment.

DeadlyFire2307d ago (Edited 2307d ago )

Depends on the MMO. Compare ME 3 MP to Warface multiplayer and you might see them aiming at MMOFPS Mass Effect in the future if Warface turns out to work perfectly well. Crytek seems to have adopted some of those ME 3 elements into their MMO.