PS3 Super Slim: 'Very high interest' from Xbox 360 owners, claims Sony

The 'Super Slim' PlayStation 3 has attracted "very high interest" from Xbox 360 owners looking to pick up a second console, Sony has stated.

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Snookies122217d ago

Eh, don't see what 360 owners would really want from this new console... I mean, if they wanted a PS3 I'm sure they'd have gotten one by now. I don't think a new model PS3 will entice them to be honest.

YodaCracker2217d ago

Especially not a new model that is more expensive than the models already on the market. If a 360 owner was interested in a PS3, they would have picked one up in 2009 when the Slim launched with the new low price point of $299.

And this year is definitely seeing the PS3's weakest lineup in a long time, with no blockbuster AAA exclusives at all for the holidays, while the 360 has the behemoth that is Halo 4 and another entry in the highest rated racing series of this gen with Forza Horizon.

If a 360 owner was going to pick up a PS3 any year, 2012 is certainly not it.

The Meerkat2217d ago

If I have any time left after getting Forza, Halo 4 and BO2 then i'll probably look at the Wii U rather than a PS3.

And if I really want to play UC3 then i'll borrow a friends PS3 for a weekend.

Snookies122217d ago

@The Meerkat - Uncharted 3 is definitely a good reason to borrow a PS3 lol! Though there are some other good PS3 exclusives you shouldn't miss if you haven't played them already. :]

Also, as a side note, hopefully Halo 4 is really good for those of you looking forward to it.

bintarok2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Which one is more faster and better..the WiiU or the super slim PS3?

Sorry, i could've been missed.

Blackdeath_6632217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

what weakest lineup? yes we didnt have anything on the holidays (apart from a big collection of casual psn games) but at least we still get AAA exclusives and new ip's in the form of
PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
God of War: Ascension
Dust 514
Beyond: Two Souls
The Last Guardian
xbox hasnt offered anything new just the same old halo-forza-gears linup that MS has recycled,reused and abused. criticizing the ps3 for its games is pathetic.

DigitalRaptor2217d ago

To say All Stars Battle Royale isn't blockbuster its pretty false. If Nintendo was to bring out a new Smash Bros, there would be no question about it being a blockbuster exclusive for Nintendo.

Also a whole year is bigger than its last few months. You're implying that a PS3 won't be relevant past 2012 when its biggest games are coming out. The Last of Us, God of War Ascension, Beyond, Ni no Kuni, Yakuza 5 and several more. Sony's strategy with the new slim goes beyond the holidays.

PS4 won't be out next year because it's not being announced this year. So there's more time for a consumer to be enticed than simply the holiday time.

DiRtY2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )


you noticed that Dust is the only 2012 title? A classic selfown.

Especially with MS giving Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Witcher 2, Minecraft, Dance Central 3, Trials, Mark of the Ninja, Fable Journey all in 2012.


It is a bullshit PR statement. A console that is not even sold yet and he knows who is buying it. Awesome.

Clarence2217d ago Show
DiRtY2217d ago Show
KMCROC2217d ago

@To those jumping the gun, he never mention any thing beyond 2012 or made any kind of reference about the PS not having any game next year.

yet you all made ass of yourself think he was talking beyond 2012.(Talk about lack of reading comprehension)

And this year is definitely seeing the PS3's weakest lineup in a long time, with no blockbuster AAA exclusives at all for the holidays, while the 360 has the behemoth that is Halo 4 and another entry in the highest rated racing series of this gen with Forza Horizon.

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Gamer19822217d ago

I dont see why they would switch either without a price drop. PS3 does have the most exclusives and is cheaper over time thanks to no online fee however 360 owners wanna pay over time rather than all up front. Sony messed up with releasing this console at the same as existing console price.

Chris5582217d ago

Blackdeath even though i m ps fanboy i see very little chance to release the last guardian anytime soon it's a legend who knows if it will ever see the light

TheXgamerLive2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

Sadly I think its that so many fan boys and not just fans are writing these submissions. I know this is supposed to be a sony rep and gamespot but ima guess a fanboy gamespot writer took some liberties here.

The new slim model was a waste IMO. The only people that will be interested is current ps3 owners that want a slim model as Ive already heard in the forums. It would be the same if a newer 360 slim came out now.

Most gamers now will wait til next fall when the new next gens will release.

Hicken2216d ago

Maybe they'll get it so they can be one of those N4G types that says, "I own all consoles, so I'm not a fanboy/biased," and at least be partially telling the truth?

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ritsuka6662217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

Wow Sony, a poor damage control from PR talk hu? The ONLY reason I wish Sony is right would be so I could go pre order one PS3 super slim! But of course..reality sets in.

GenericNameHere2217d ago

I click on the article, and look at the comments, and here you come, talking about damage control again...

Yeah, I don't think a $20 price drop would really attract Xbox 360 only owners, and a gaming giant known as Halo 4 will be released soon only on Xbox 360, but how in normal heck is this DAMAGE CONTROL??!! Seriously, are you just stupid? Do you even know what damage control is?? I could try and guess a few reason why Sony thinks this
1) It's only $20 cheaper, but it has a bigger harddrive, and people might have been waiting for a console redesign (I personally am not too crazy about console redesigns, but there are people who do like them)
2) The bundles. There's a Super Slim PS3 bundled with Uncharted 3 GOTY coming out next week. There might be a few Xbox owners who have been eyeing Uncharted, and this bundle might want them to get it, and eventually lead to wanting to play more PS3 games.
3) The games. Console redesign, cheaper price, bigger HDD, more games to choose from. Shopping season in just 3 months now. Perfect time to get one

Nunchez2217d ago

I still don't get why they would release a new model now. People should start saving up for the next gen consoles.

Kingnichendrix2217d ago

Ive had my 60gb model since 2007 and may sell it to get this new one because mine has died twice now and im going to be without a console for a while and look at all them games i may miss, assassins creed 3, dishonored, last of us the list does go on and call of duty

PS4OUR2217d ago

Not quite sure why Sony would come out and say something like that. It in my opinion makes the PS3 look second rate to the 360. This is one generation Sony should hope to forget as soon as possible.

ravinash2217d ago

Sony hasn't had as bad time of it this gen as some people like to thing.
Sure it's been a hard fight for second place, but the business is still turning over and the product is still always improving.

But yeah, this PR guy really should watch his words so they don't sound like an idiot.

Captain Tuttle2217d ago

Drop the price and I'll be more interested

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