Infamous Movie: What Jason Statham Would Look Like as Cole MacGrath

"In my opinion Jason would be the best choice to play Cole in an Infamous movie. Of course there are no plans for an Infamous movie, so this is just for fun. The artist Sinful Tragedy has made a quick picture of Jason as Cole."

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GenericNameHere2279d ago

... Actually matches!! :D
Just make Statham's face a bit brownish, and you're good to go!

Lucretia2279d ago

statham would be perfect because he can fight and looks like him lol.

2nd would be wentworth miller from prison break

LarVanian2279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

there are no plans for an Infamous movie
_____________________________ __________________

I think Avi Arad still has plans to have it adapted at some point.
Wentworth Miller would have originally been my top choice to play Cole, but the problem with him and Jason Statham is their ages. Cole McGrath, according to Nate Fox in an old interview, is around 27 years old and both Miller and Statham are in their forties.

Cajun Chicken2279d ago

Wow. Wentworth would be amazing. Seemed to of vanished as an actor since Prison Break.

Syaz12279d ago (Edited 2279d ago )

Joseph Gordon-Levitt? In Premium Rush, I thought he looks somewhat similar to Cole McGrath.

abzdine2279d ago

i dont like Statham, i hope they could find better.

r212279d ago

Wow he fits. BUT still not right, Cole's in his twenties, JS is too old to pull it off and besides his accent would ruin it.

Allsystemgamer2279d ago

Make up can do wonders and people can change accents for movies. British and Aussie actors do it all the time. Look at Hugh Jackman. He's Australian.

r212279d ago

Have you heard his American accent in The One? Not great.

tigertron2279d ago

Statham is the perfect choice for Cole.

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