PS3 Fanboy hands-on: Hot Shots Golf Out of Bounds

With a little over a month left until Hot Shots Golf: Out of Bounds comes stateside, PS3 Fanboy decided to take a near-complete version of the game for a spin.

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kornbeaner4322d ago

I've been playing the Japanese Demo for close to a year now and despite the game not looking that great compared to more recent titles, it still looks nice and the new swing mode provides a great challenge for those who are tired of the three click power meter. Overall not as real as Tiger woods but I think Hotshots provides more replay value.

Definitely a first day or first week game for me.

jahcure4322d ago

This is most certainly a 1st day purchase for me. I look forward to online gaming the most.

v1c1ous4321d ago

u buy 6 games with mandatory installs and u only had the 20 gig ps3?


might have to invest in extra hdd.

anything less than 50 gigs wont get you far nowadays.

and i have a nice collection of games and feel like replaying an old game. can u imagine going through this song and dance?