New Game Modes, Rivalry & More Revealed for PlayStation All-Stars

Looking for more details on PlayStation All-Stars? Well, here they are! A new rivalry was announced, single player game modes and much more!

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smashcrashbash2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

So we still are getting unlockable characters plus the costumes? Plus we are getting items, victory music, poses and more? And to top it all off we are getting rivals, an arcade style ladder progression plus character and combo challenges? And no doubt trophies to earn as as well? Oh yeah, I am definitely asking for this game for my birthday.So much for all the claims of no replayability from people. Look like we will be earning enough stuff to last us a long time.Superbot was telling me that there will be something like ten costumes for each character. That is something like 200 plus costumes to earn along with everything else.

dboi7872217d ago

Can't argue with all of that. Haha. As a single player gamer, I'm pumped for the massive content we are getting.

Darth Stewie2217d ago

me too I also can't wait to see who the boss is I hope the boss is one of these characters:

just kidding about #3

Army_of_Darkness2216d ago

"Superbot was telling me that there will be something like ten costumes for each character."

Dannng, superbot really told you that?! shit, for a guy that knows a game company, I would have assumed that you would be able to just buy the game yourself instead of waiting to get it on your birthday lol! ;-)

Haha! just pulling your balls.

KwietStorm2216d ago

Why wouldn't a multiplayer/fighting game have replay value?

smashcrashbash2216d ago

Don't blame me. Other people were the ones who were saying it had no replay value and people would get bored of it quickly. I knew there was no way people who are used to dealing with fighting games could leave out the collectables ,the unlocks and the extra fighting modes?

@ Army_of_Darkness. I asked one of the Superbot people on the PlayStation Blog and they told me that there would be more costumes then the ones they were using as preorder incentives.I don't know them personally.But if you were just kidding ignore what i just said.

smashman982217d ago

A progression system that sounds awesome

Now all I need is a spiky haired final fantasy character and my life ISS complete

dboi7872217d ago

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to that progression system. And let's hope to see Cloud!! :D

HarryMasonHerpderp2217d ago


If these guys are announced this game will be phenomenal.
Fingers crossed!

Lucretia2217d ago

if cloud gets announced it will be an instant 2-5 million sales boost just for having him alone.

SONY make it happen!

jslash2217d ago

It'd be a definite sales boost, however I think you're aiming a little high there buddy.

Reverent2216d ago (Edited 2216d ago )

I think jslash is underestimating people's love for Cloud lol.

But no, he is right, 2-5mil extra sales for one single character is a bit much. There would still definitely be a huge leap on sales from fans though.

NeXXXuS2216d ago

I really hope they put Dart in this game T_T

Om3ga3702216d ago

That would seriously ruffle my jimmies if he isn't included....that was a great game that got overshadowed. :/

DarkBlood2216d ago

yeah me too if not then nariko gets played by me as a default main character if dart or any other dragoon character isnt included

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CaptainSheep2217d ago

Nariko vs Dante sounds like a cool rivalry!

Darth Stewie2217d ago

Indeed though I was hoping Kratos would be Nariko's rival Dante being her rival sounds fun.

Relientk772217d ago

I love that there are combo challenges, character challenges, and tons of unlockables in the game

abzdine2217d ago

strange they didnt reveal any new characters

Darth Stewie2217d ago

Somebody told me it will more than likely be saturday because they will have a panel.

abzdine2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

thanks for the info but what source you got this from ?

If there is an area this game could have a big success it's Japan, i dont understand why sony didnt focus on this game during their conference and reveal some characters cause i guess all japanese gamers were following this conference with care.

CaitSith2217d ago

If you can read Japanese, it says so on Sony's TGS page. It's on saturday being the last one on the list. [ ]

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