Revenge of the PS3!

The cover story of EGM's March issue states 8 reasons why 2008 will be the year of the PS3.

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niall775979d ago (Edited 5979d ago )

with MGS4, GTA4, Little Big planet, Resistance2, killzone2, Home+ what else sony have in store for the holidays, PS3 owners wont be in a hurry to go back to playing ps2 games any times soon.

hitthegspot5979d ago

Just a couple of days ago Konami had news out "Konami Announces Metal Gear Solid: the Essential Collection"


Backwards compatibility is a big issue. That's why Microsoft and Nintendo have it.

BigBoy20005979d ago (Edited 5979d ago )

But you're not going to buy a PS3 anyway... so what do you care?

MetalProxy5979d ago

@hithegspot give it up already!!

power0919995979d ago

"Backwards compatibility is a big issue. That's why Microsoft and Nintendo have it."


MS backwards compatibility? I have maybe 3 of my old Xbox games that even work in the 360.

Nintendo on the other hand great, but you really don't have an argument when you add BC on the 360 into the equation.

zambrota5979d ago

ps3 has already turned tides in UK (6 titles vs 4 titles on x360 last week)

and NOW in AUSTRALIA we are seeing some form of ps3 dominance.


2008 and beyond are SONY's era no matter whatever way you are looking at it

gonzopia5978d ago

"PS3 owners wont be in a hurry to go back to playing ps2 games any times soon."

I'm a PS3 owner who never owned a PS2 - so having backwards compatibility opens up the entire back catalogue for me - and is one of the reasons I opted for the 80GB model. I realize I may be in the minority of PS3 owners, but it's not a totally useless selling point.

Kleptic5978d ago

I have to admit...after the 80gig and then 40gig stuff happened...I was very happy that I purchase a 60gig...I never owned my own PS2, but lived with roommates in college that at least one of owned one...so I got to play all the best PS2 games right around release, but never really purhcased my own...

with the PS3 though I bought resistance...MGS2, Twisted metal: Black, and the first DMC...just to finally own them...but I have yet to purchase a new PS2 game...of which will be the Head On port, and probably the MGS collection discs...

its not a big deal though...I am happy I have the full BC...but I do rarely use it...I wanted to play through each MGS game again before MGS4 came out...but with uncharted, CoD 4, UT3, Warhawk, and R&C still having plenty of play time left for me...I probably never will...The BC was nice exactly a year ago...when there was basically nothing but Resistance (oblivion and motorstorm both weren't even out yet, bought those day 1 and haven't played any PS2 games since)...

Rama262855978d ago (Edited 5978d ago )

"Backwards compatibility is a big issue. That's why Microsoft and Nintendo have it."

That's why Sony has it too. My PS3 (and millions of others) play PS2 games without problem. I've never understood this whole thing about attacking Sony about BC, when they give you a choice to have it or not. If you want it, you'll have to pay a bit more to get it but those who don't want it wont have to spend as much.

People are just trying to pick at problems which don't exist. The media and web forums have picked up on something which they think they can create into a negative thing against Sony and have TRIED to turn it into something and people like you my friend have been brain washed by them.

Oh and for the record, I've never once put a PS2 game into my PS3 and with all the games out and coming out, I don't think I ever will. So even though I have BC, I've never used it. When I got my PS3 though, there was only the 60GB model so I didn't have a choice.

Nevers5978d ago

Many many people still wanna play older PS1&2 games and either never owned the consoles or don't wanna buy another console along with the PS3(more $$, more wires, less aesthetic, etc) There are some classic games from the PS library that people still want and can get for real cheap... SONY would be wise not invest in backwards compatibility in order to sell old consoles BUT gamers would be wise to want B.C. to set a president. When NES went to SNES the hardware was vastly different and even more so when games went to disc - we're now talking disc to disc and IMO it shouldn't take moving mountains to make a newer laser read older discs.

I'm merely a stupid consumer though so what do I know?

m91058265978d ago

Obviously not a whole lot. Every PS3 model still plays PS1 games, it's completely software emulated. And it has nothing to do with the laser, clearly the laser can read DVDs just fine. It's about a lack of hardware that can properly decode and process the information on the PS2 discs, due to a lack of the EE/GS.

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TheExecutive5979d ago (Edited 5979d ago )

The games, blu-ray, psp-ps3 functionality, the ps3 community (HOME and in-game xmb), did I mention the games? anyway there is little doubt that 2008 is the year of the ps3.

On another note, it sounds like the ps3 is gaining the acceptance of the media, finally. This can only be a good thing for Sony.

Kleptic5978d ago

and a retarded thing for those who put up with last year...I don't want to see the media sucking up to the PS3 now...I just want them to admit they were 100% wrong...and go away...

the media is now going to treat PS3 owners with a "see?...we told you so" attitude...screw that...1up be damned...

boodybandit5978d ago (Edited 5978d ago )

to compile of sites and mags I wish would be damned when it comes to slinging mud at Sony. It makes me want to hurl when I see companies like EA sucking up now. The media is nothing but a bunch of bandwagon jumping butt kissers.

Just bring us the games and news without excuses and I will be a happy camper.

Omicron5979d ago ShowReplies(7)

I remember when EGM had a PS3 hit with a tomatoe on its front cover once. I wonder whats happened now?

The Brave 15978d ago

I guess everybody is jumping on the bandwagon before they get left out.Play Beyond!

Fat Bastard5978d ago

Oh yea, the PS3 sucked in 2007. Because after all, it only sold about 9.5 million consoles, which is more than the 360. And it only had free online since the start. And the only good exclusive games that came out were Warhawk, Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank, Unreal Tournament 3, Resistance, and Motorstorm. And it has a blu ray player, who needs one of those? It's not like blu ray destroyed HD DVD. Ya, 2007 really sucked.