Slender Is Getting A Sequel With Better Graphics, More Scares

Kotaku writes: "Mark Hadley, who designed the game, has announced that in a joint effort with Blue Isle Studios, he is making a follow-up called Slender: The Arrival. A teaser website for the game shares a couple of screenshots while promising that the next installment will be "even more terrifying" than the original, with "more levels, improved visuals, and an engaging storyline."

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Snookies122221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Wow, even more Slender lol! Well, for those that like the game they'll have amazing variety with all these spin-offs/sequels/remakes/ re-imaginings. XD

andrewf912221d ago

Well this is the guy who made it and is turning it into a full fledged game this time. It looks creepier and graphic wise a lot better.

Snookies122221d ago

Yeah, which is certainly promising. Still... The Legend running on CryEngine 3 is what's got my attention. Even if this particular one is from the guy who made the original...