Top 10: Things that will make Gears of War 2 great

When the sequel to Gears of War hits it's likely to be huge. When you think about massive franchises you think of Halo, GTA, Gran Turismo, Call of Duty and little else. But Gears has quickly become a contender to join this elite group. put their minds together to come up with the Top 10: Things that will make Gears of War 2 great, in the hope that these will make the sequel even better than the original and give Microsoft and Epic another monster hit.

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Blademask4773d ago

Halo3,Gran Turismo,GTA

I dont like how people are trying to manually call this one an 'epic' or elite title. What makes it elite, that people just call it that? Or is it based on sales?

hitthegspot4773d ago

Have you played Gears? If you have then you would know why all 360 fans are waiting for Gears 2.

BloodySinner4773d ago

"I dont like how people are trying to manually call this one an 'epic' or elite title." - Then why are you commenting? It doesn't make any sense. :-S

wageslave4773d ago

From Metacritic: Gears of War (2006) 94

From vgchartz (for lack of a better source): 4.94 Million to a market of 18-20 Million consoles.

From wikipedia:
"game received a multitude of awards at E3 even before the game's release...preorder sales were second only to Halo 2 in the studio's history...first Xbox or Xbox 360 game to sell out and reach the top ten charts in Japan...received overwhelmingly positive reviews from critics, maintaining an average score of 94% at Game Rankings (ranked fourth game of 2006 and fith overall Xbox 360 game to date)...the day that it was released—it became the most popular game on the Xbox Live service, overtaking Halo 2...**ten weeks after its debut, over three million units of the game had been sold**....Gears of War has received numerous awards" and on and on.

In other words, Gears of War is probably one of the best regarded, best sold and highly praised games of the last two years. Bar none.

That is why people are expecting -- and are sure to recieve -- very big things from Gears of War 2.

Method4773d ago

Just blademask showing his stupidity again, nothing new to see here.

sonarus4773d ago

god of war is in my eyes an epic title but it didnt sell up to halo or GT. Gears of war was a great game. What i would like to see from 2 is more content and not so much graphical improvemnets the graphics were good enough in 1. Maybe more open environments more enemises on screen stuff like that. Also a vehicle or 2 would be nice as well

gonzopia4773d ago

I'm a PS3 fanboy, but I've played Gears Of War and it was a really cool game. It's the only reason I would buy a 360, so I'm jealous for you guys. Enjoy it!

C_SoL4773d ago

this game is fu<kin awesome. I ain't gonna hate. Obviously u haven't played it.

sak5004773d ago

The only thing worthwhile in your posts is the avatar. Very cute, rest just fanboy spam.

games4fun4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

i agree its the only game i want from 360 i myself loved playing my roommates, gears is awesome i played it alot in fact i almost bought a 360 just to play it. i think its a great game and its a lot of fun to play online imo its more fun to play online than any other 360 game all i want is for it to have some dedicated servers/more stable online add some more enemies on screen and vehicles online with a 8-16 player with vehicles but also keeping the 4v4 for tactical as well

edit: oh yea i almost forgot please when you release the game make sure there aren't so many glitch exploits i'm tired of going into maps and having everyone glitch. keep the shotgun the way it is... which is the best gun!! :)

Blademask4773d ago

I know this site has nothing but rabid fanboys that need to just frequent the Open Zone. It was a fun game, just like HL2. No where near the following of any titles that were mentioned in the article. Because 6 guys on N4G are clamoring over Gears 2, doesn't make a lick of difference.

Gears has absolutely no relationship to:

Grand Theft Auto Franchise
Gran Turismo Franchise
Call Of Duty Franchise

Maybe it will after 2 comes out and sells more than 10 million units, until then.. I'm looking forward to playing Gears 2 on my PC.

mintaro4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

how is it supposed to sell as much as the Call of Duty franchise, when only 2 games hve been made?

counting gears 2 as the second

wow144773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

clearly you havent played gears

LastDance4772d ago

You can hate on me all you want but im going to give my honest opinion.

Gears of war was a very stale shooter with graphics that seemd to hypnotise people from the fact thats it wasnt very interesting.

Im a massive fan of games where you can play through a campaign with a friend. I think it can make a mediocre game good. And even bigger fan of 3rdPS.

but even as i was playing it with my cousin we stopped after about an hour.

It brings nothing new. The story is abysmal. The guns i used all sounded the same and looked the same.
I kept going down a corridor into room full of the same enemy...

No imagination really... besides the paths being linear i felt like i could only move in the way pac man moves.
The graphics on the game make Resistance look like a ps2 game. But my cousin and i finished resitance. we couldnt sit through this.

the controls felt heavy compared to Uncharted but its kind of cool coz you can sense the weight they are carrying on their suits.

And im not some Punk whos been playing games for 1 year.
16 years and goin strong.

potenquatro4772d ago

gears has great online(after 100 patches)close combat mayham wrapped in amasing art direction, nobody has really made a game like that any better than epic imho.


Blademask = the Trolling Zone is calling you fanboy....

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Dr Pepper4773d ago

I would like to add something:

Better friendly AI

And not only would variety in the environments be good, but a less linear feel to them would be great as well.

VirusE4773d ago

Gears had friendly AI?

4 player co-op would also be cool

Le-mo4773d ago

I wouldn't say ALL. Gears sold around 5 milion? And 360 have a userbase of 18Mill? Not that's like a third of the 360 userbase.

hitthegspot4773d ago (Edited 4773d ago )

I did say all. Sorry, thanks for pointing me out. Bubbles to you.

InYourMom4773d ago

It's a Mature title and at the time Gears was released the console wasn't at 18mil sold. Still it's not all, but a damn big number.

OnTopic: I hope they add more chaos to the battles, similar to COD4, with a very cinematic feel to the firefights, also more destructable environments.

JVIDICAN4773d ago

who pays attention to ratings anyway (except parents with young kids and some old people who think are generation is a bunch of rag-tag no do gooders)=P

phony force slayer4772d ago (Edited 4772d ago )

when gears come out in 06 it had about 1/2 that amount OF INSTALL BASE now theres now hype for it people aint gonna buy it cause gears2 will be out
the only way it will sell now is if they bundle it.
great gane though online was great shame in glued to cod4 right now ;)

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TwissT4773d ago

7. New instant kill attacks

For sure the curb stomp and chainsaw are awesome but we have to remeber THIS IS MADE BY EPIC the people who made the UT series, cmon guys I want something gritty maybe like a dirty neck snap or a gun that rips the bones off the enemy that would be so awesome.

wageslave4773d ago

What? The chainsaw in Gears of War is terrific!

Getting rid of it would be terrible.

TwissT4772d ago

Wageslave you read my comment wrong... I know the chainsaw is pure pwnage and taking it away will be stupid, I was talking about adding more instant killing moves to the repitiore.

darkside4773d ago

A Better FCUKEN Story !!!! i like everything GOW have but there's a lack of story. it's way to damn short.

Boldy4773d ago

How about your read the article before you comment. The thing you stated was already in the list.

Nevers4773d ago

...actually it was more than "just there". The characters were great and seemed more alive than most cohorts we've been given lately BUT I totally agree EPIC skimped us on what the hell is going on... Final Boss fight was amazingly hard (esp on Insane)but the ending was very disappointing as it felt like the whole storyline we'd just played through could have been covered in in two levels. Epic should include the plot this time around.

... and maybe they should NOT include all the ways to cheat in the online mp gameplay. Not talking about the noob tubes and chainsaws... talking about the serious button combo glitchers.

Diselage4772d ago

I would also like to see a higher degree of difficulty on Insane. While it was tough, most of it i really didn't need to ever do twice except for the ending.