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PS360WII4846d ago

Hmm more screens I see the more I don't know if I like it. Ah well I'm sure it'll play just like it should in the end. Doesn't have to look good to play good

Panthers4846d ago

This game looks cool, but that chick has huge arms and looks nasty. Thunder Thighs

Keyser4846d ago

though Chunli is just a video game character in real life she'd get the business. She'd be bending over to throw energy balls all day...

Kakkoii4846d ago

And I disagree more Keyser.

She looks like a freaking heavy weight body builder with some medium breasts thrown on.

Look at her damn hands. They've turned her into the fu$%ing Hulk!

This game has totally ruined her.

TheExecutive4846d ago

i can seriously say this looks like a ps2 game.

Azures4846d ago

Really? Why don't you get together some comparison shots and see.

sonarus4846d ago

executive speaks the truth. if this game is priced at more than 40 bucks its bs. Fans screamed for a 2d remake but at this point am more interested in sf2hdturbo than this nonsense. I knew 2d was a bad idea i tried to say it. This is next gen street fighter might not necessarily be designed for 3d but its up 2 capcom 2 design it and make it work. Here they are again tossing us another last gen game. Enjoy

TheExecutive4846d ago (Edited 4846d ago )

i think you get my point. I dont really know the specifics of this game though... is it going to be a downloadable game?

BloodySinner4846d ago

This doesn't look great at all...

Le-mo4846d ago

I can pretty much say that this game will not be appearing on the Wii.

likeaboss3024846d ago

I'm not sure what everyone is looking for? It looks good to me considering they aren't going for a "real" look. I think the graphics fit the anime style they are going for. They probably could even have this game running at FULL 1080P (1920x1080P) @ 60FPS (no upscaling) when it's complete. I'd take that in a heartbeat.

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The story is too old to be commented.