Zombies aren’t the only evil in ‘Resident Evil 6′ | StickSkills

StickSkills said, "By far the most egregious thing I noticed about the game is the control; it’s what turned me away from Resident Evil 5, and it is still present here. Essentially, most things require a button prompt, including stepping up or down a ledge. It really breaks the flow of the game. Each character feels and controls like a tank, making it difficult to turn on a dime and track some of the strong and agile enemies. Many times I found myself shooting or swinging wildly, and it will take a while to get accustomed to the controls."

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Carl_Shocker2223d ago

Jeez how many people are falling for this...they are NOT Zombies, they are just improved Las Plagas enemies with the Zombie name attached to them because Capcom want to sucker people into thinking they still care about the old fans.

I played Leons demo and I never once thought of them as Zombies...Chris/Jakes campaign had differn't types of enemies so obviously they arn't Zombies but neither were Leons.

If Capcom came out and said they were secretly crab people would you belive them ¬¬

2223d ago
druology2223d ago

Looks like some one's ass is still sore because he didn't like his zombie, move on! If you like to old RE games stick to it, although Im betting that you will still buy this game even if they told you it's Crab people.

Nerdmaster2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

"Improved Las Plagas enemies aren’t the only evil in ‘Resident Evil 6′".

Do the enemies in RE6 (which in fact include zombies) have a name like Majini or Ganado?

LUV_DA_BOPP2222d ago

there called javo. it means demon in some language but i forgot what language it was.

LUV_DA_BOPP2222d ago

im 100% positive that they're zombies because las plagas is a parasite that has to enter the host to take control of them and i recall these zombies were created with an air borne virus. if you don't call them zombies please i beg you to tell me what you think a zombies is to you because i played leon's demo and they where zombies to me.

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