IBM confirms that Wii U does not use Power 7 CPU

IBM confirmed via their twitter that the Wii U does not use a Power 7 CPU, and that all statements made by them in the past saying so was an error.

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PopRocks3592222d ago

Well now I'm confused. IBM says it is then they say it isn't. Forget it; I'm waiting until someone opens the damn thing and tells us what the specs actually are.

LOL_WUT2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Sucks to be THAT guy who was posting these around and claiming the Wii U will use Power 7 CPU they know who they are... ;)

But it doesn't matter though because it looks like the Wii U is gonna fly off the shelf this holiday.

PopRocks3592222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

It's not exactly my fault that even IBM f*cked up official information. You can't trust anyone with Nintendo hardware information. Not anonymous devs, not known developers, (especially) not people on the internet and not even the ones making the damn hardware.

The hell with it. I'm not trust anyone until someone opens this thing and says what is in it.

metroid322222d ago

Sounds like they knew full well what they were saying when telling us 5/6 times its power7 so ill go with its a power7 as thats what they have said all along ?? Ninty doesnt like these things getting out thats all plus wiiu has a gpgpu which does cpu work faster anyway.

torchic2222d ago

lol wtf?

+1 for funny though

metroid322222d ago

They didnt say power7 was a error that part is lies its a power7 still this is n4g trying to give their fanboys something to brag about the wiiu has a power7 you dont say it 5 times then all of a sudden its just power based without being told to. hmmmmmmm

mrbojingles2222d ago

I don't know what more you want, IBM's official twitter literally says any references to Power 7 in the past is their mistake. If IBM says it then it's legit.

But it could very well be something derivative of Power 7 but it at least appears that IBM doesn't want to call it "Power 7" at the moment even if it shares certain features with 7.

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