Top 5 Must Have Games of October 2012

BootHammer - The busy season of gaming is upon us and next month is absolutely packed with amazing game releases. Take a look at our nominees for the Top 5 must have games of October 2012.

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gaminoz2218d ago

Gotta have Dishonored!!!!

BootHammer2218d ago

Agreed! This one looks really unique. New IP's are always welcome =)

MostJadedGamer2217d ago

I agree about new IP's always being welcome, but I have no interst in Dishonored. AC3 is the only game worth playing in October.

MostJadedGamer2217d ago

There is only 1 game worth having in Oct, and that is AC3.

Relientk772218d ago

I want Assassin's Creed III and Dishonored

BootHammer2218d ago

Both are day 1 buys for sure! October is going to be busy =)

DivineAssault 2218d ago

ya both i agree.. I dont want to count out RE6 yet either tho.. Maybe the puzzles & scariness is no longer in it but if u consider it an action title, it might be good.. I do miss minor backtracking looking for new doors to unlock with keys & solving chessboard riddles but what can u do? they dont make very many challenging games these days

BootHammer2218d ago

I think a lot of people are gonna dismiss RE6 before they even give it a chance. Those that do are going to miss a great game IMO. And for those that want the classic RE gameplay can just snatch up some of the HD remakes available on either console ;)

2218d ago