TGS: Lost Planet spin-off E.X. Troopers is super dupers | Destructoid

Destructoid: "I was already pretty close to all-in after learning of the concept behind Capcom's Lost Planet spin-off E.X. Troopers. The idea was to take the snowy and fairly serious world and soften it up a bit with cell shading and pink-haired teenagers. It's still a third-person shooter that centers around exploration, but the action is more arcade-y and the Japanese factor has been turned up past maximum.

And now that I've played it, I'm going to be waiting impatiently for a western release announcement."

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jc485732219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

I'm pretty sure a lot of Lost Planet fans would rather pick this up instead of Lost Planet 3. LP is just not the same as it's geared more towards a newer audience rather than the old. EX Troopers seems like the kind of game I would play, but not LP3. Never really asked for some Gears of Wars/Dead Space rip off.