Gamespot: Dead Space Impressions

Gamespot writes:

"In Dead Space, set 500 years in the future, you'll fill the shoes of Isaac Clarke, an engineer sent as part of a support team to investigate the lack of communications from the USG Ishimura--a city-sized 'planet cracker' ship used to strip entire planets of their resources.

Glen Schofield, Dead Space's executive producer, talked us through a number of playable levels in the eerie vessel of death. The first action we saw was part of the third level, which Schofield says will be reached after around 80 minutes of gameplay. Some of Isaac's weapons will be mining tools, such as a plasma cutter, a "gk" gun--Dead Space's answer to Half-Life 2's gravity gun--and a dangerous-looking buzz saw that is fired and retracted along an invisible axis, but there will also be traditional weapons such as a pulse rifle. You'll be able to easily access only four weapons at a time (with the D pad), but you'll be able to store more in your inventory, which is accessed via the menu system."

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TheWickedOne4325d ago

Can't wait. Everything I've seen or heard about this game has really peaked my interest. I love the production design.

Gorgon4325d ago

"The sound effects in the zero-gravity environment are what you might expect to hear in a vacuum, such as hollow, muffled blasts from the weapons, and raspy, shallow breathing."

I seriously hope that the developers know a bit more science than what this moron of an interviewer does...

Gorgon4325d ago

Don't think so. Anyway, I have the feeling devs are making this more fantasy than sci-fi. I don't mind the fantasy, as long as they get the science right. So far, I'm sceptic...

Strife Lives4325d ago

Of the 1st,and best Aliens movie