OXM - FIFA 13 Review

OXM - There are only so many times you can call a FIFA title 'The Best One Ever' without it sounding a bit redundant. Each year's instalment would be 'The Best One Ever' if all EA Sports did was update the haircuts, such is the brilliance of the game underneath. But it has gone further this time. Dribbling's expanded, players are fallible, and online modes complement the real world unlike any sports title before it.

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CaptainCamper2245d ago

Good review. It may be the "Best ever" but I still don't agree with EA releasing a new Fifa title every year with minor touch ups on the previous one.

If any other genre of game done this, it would get slated to hell. COD is a good example :D

Allsystemgamer2244d ago

Yea but sports are different. There is no story or any real depth changes to be made. It's basically paying 60$ to keep up with a real season. Besides would you really want to sit there and roster change EVERY team?

JAM_brz2244d ago (Edited 2244d ago )

So why don´t release a DLC instead of a new game? EA wants our money, that´s it!

3-4-52244d ago

It's not minor touch ups. The game plays completely different in how it feels. From all the videos I've watched of the people who were invited to the EA community event, they all say they can't go back to Fifa 12 because this one just plays much more realistically.

And Fifa 12 was really good. cant wait.

loki522244d ago

Fifa is actually one of the best titles for changes every year. They do more improvements than any other sports franchise. I do agree that it is a little ridiculous to charge $60 though. 2K sports charged what, $20 for NFL 2k5? I think sports franchises could charge $30 every year and make hand over fist. No need to gouge the people lining your pockets

CaptainCamper2244d ago

It's the great features that they remove that really confuses me. You sound like a Fifa vet, do you remember the old free kick system where you could pick the exact location of the ball you'd kick, curve etc?

They had it easily laid out, great UI etc. Was awesome, where did that go? It's bits like that :D

GamerEuphoria2244d ago

I get a full years worth of play from the Fifa titles, thus i am happy to pay full price.

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