New PS3 Model Can't Combat the Wii U

"The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft." |

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darthv723190d ago

but realistically that is what sony is hoping it will do. It isnt uncommon for one company to try and prolong their product in the wake of something new coming out.

It is just their way of trying to steal the thunder while at the same time remaining relevant.

sikbeta3190d ago

I think they kind of gave up, they can't do Anything, there is nothing MS or Sony can do to avoid people buying the U, price-cuts would have helped, but that didn't happen from Sony's part, nothing is known from MS either, but even then, U Black model preorders are @ full just in days and I'm sure White model stock will be limited, everything will be sold out when it's released

MaxXAttaxX3190d ago

That's what Sony told you?

And here we were all thinking they were cutting costs.

yesmynameissumo3190d ago

As long as the Wii U is playing games that are on and look the same as PS3/360 versions, both MS and Sony can compete.

BitbyDeath3190d ago

Would think they'd try a bit harder if it were going up against the Wii by reducing the price.

I think this is just more a case of evolution.

smashcrashbash3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

"The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft.". That is what this shows? Really? What about continuing to give us great games. That isn't that a way to compete? If not then I think gaming is in more trouble then I thought it was.

DigitalRaptor3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I.. I just... I don't... I give up.

Some people just can't use their brains can they? A new form factor to reduce costs and revitalise the brand before the latest wave of games are released this autumn/winter, and so this person says that it's because they're "running out of ways to compete"..

These amateurs should give up and go back to school.

Information Minister3190d ago

Oh, it gets better! Here's the extended quote: "The addition of this new model just shows that Sony is running out of ways to compete with Nintendo and Microsoft. While the next generation XBOX is already in development and the Wii U is slated for release this holiday season, all they can do is wave around a brand new model that has the exact same capabilities as their older Slim version."

So, according to the author, this holiday season people will buy the Wii U because it's new hardware. Microsoft gets included on the same boat, because they are working on a new system, despite nothing being announced at this point. As for Sony, they won't sell PS3s because it's old hardware, and since they haven't announced the PS4, surely they can't be working on it.

I'm not making this stuff up, it's that dumb!

And here I thought Sony and Microsoft were in similar situations when compared to Nintendo. How silly of me... Apparently it's Microsoft and Nintendo that are in similar situations when compared to Sony./s

Xof3190d ago

The 'last wave of games' is most certainly not this Winter. The PS3 will see a steady stream of games throughout all of 2013 and into 2014.

And 2014 will probably see an equally strong line-up, we just don't know what it is because many of those games haven't been announced yet.

Stop assuming the generation is over just because other people keep saying it is. Look at the games. The PS3 is still going strong and will continue to go strong for quite a while yet.

DigitalRaptor3189d ago


I said "latest" not "last".

I agree with everything you said, but you need to read what I said more carefully.

RmanX10003190d ago

*facepalm*..... Stupid article....

bubblebeam3190d ago

True. It wasn't meant to combat the Wii U, anyone can see that.

It may steal some customers from the Wii U, and generate more income for Sony, but the PS4 is what they are betting on.

This generation is almost over, so when the ps4 comes out this newer, cheaper console will be the only one available to buy. Which is a smart move, as they are cheaper to make and ship due to their size and weight.

More money = More exclusive games. Well, at least with Sony...