Are PC Gamers Being Neglected by Developers?

"Watching developers scramble to get their games out on launch day for the PS Vita, Nintendo 3DS, and now the Wii U just brings to light how neglected the PC is, even though it outpaces all of these systems." |

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dedicatedtogamers2222d ago

Um, no, no they're not, especially if you play more than just big-name games that your local Gamestop rep keeps shouting at you to pre-order.

PC games have - among other things - an entire Kickstarter and IndieGoGo craze revolutionizing the indie market for PC games, not to mention the hundreds of WRPGs, shooters, MMOs, adventure games, platformers, and strategy games that come out every year that will never be seen on consoles.

HammadTheBeast2222d ago

They have Steam and Planet side 2. I'd say they,re pretty happy.

taquito2222d ago

yeah....i'm gonna go with no!

boderlands 2 is butter smooth, 1080p, 60 frames, not a jaggie in sight, fov, ssao, 16x af, beautiful, flawless multiplayer connections

sleeping dogs is literally a full generation ahead of the console versions

not to mention 2 of the biggest games of the year are pc exclusives

diablo 3 and guild wars 2, diablo 3 has sold over 10 million, guild wars 2 is at over 4 million and will likely surpass 7 million within a year

new starcraft expansion, mist of panderia, torchlight 2, xcom enemy unknown

and of course, 95% of games on console are all on pc in much, much higher resolutions, better framerates, no jaggies, better draw distance, better shadows, better textures, better everything

everything is better on pc

the only reason i keep my ps3 and 360 is for the rare exclusive and bluray

halo 4 and the last of us are the only console games i will play in the forseeable future, everything else is on pc where it looks a generation beyond anything ps3/360 will ever do

and games like the witcher 2, metro2033, bf3, crysis 2, hard reset look better than anything we will likely see on ps4 or nextbox for years to come

pc-always next gen!

decrypt2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Well dont forget when the next gen consoles are out, console gamers wont be able to play any of their old games. Unless they decide to hold on to their old boxes and keep rebuying them when they do die(even then good luck with the online content if MS and Sony decide to pull the plug, just like with the last Xbox). Console gaming is just too expensive can never build a library with it.

I personally have over 150 games on Steam. Thousands of older games not a worry in the world that they wont work when the next gen of games arrive.

You are right about only a handful of console exclusives that are really worth playing. Its maybe 1-2 games a year thats about it.

Imo PC is the ultimate gaming machine.

Infact i think its the console gamers that get neglected most of the time by the devs:

No mod support
Many games lack dedicated servers
If the Dev doesnt provide a fix tough luck (as is the case of Skyrim, no community to fix anything).

On PC its rare to see game support being dropped, games keep running for ages, on console Devs just pull the plug on online content so people run to buy the next game.

I think overall its the console gamers that mostly get shafted.


History has a way of repeating itself, MS and Sony will never like Console gamers to just hold on to old games(think of all the HD remake potential), they might as well drop support for online just so the base can move on. Most likely the way things are going with both of them going with AMD for CPU and GPU solutions it is highly likely BC wont exist. Even if you do decide to stick to your old box, no gaurantee they will keep the online servers. Its only in their interest to drop support soon.

Valve has a lot of competition its highly unlikely they will do anything like that. They know there are many other networks out there waiting to replace them.

Ducky2222d ago

"Well dont forget when the next gen consoles are out, console gamers wont be able to play any of their old games."

We don't really know that, do we?

With Steam, you have to worry about what happens when Valve finally succumbs to the dark side.

BitbyDeath2222d ago

'Most likely the way things are going with both of them going with AMD for CPU and GPU solutions it is highly likely BC wont exist.'

Rumours say Sony are going with Cell.

Smelly1sam2222d ago

Actually what I've heard Valve said they would turn off all of their restrictions to playing the games that you have installed. Also Valve is huge they have as good of a chance to go under as sony/microsoft do.

Sarcasm2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Borderlands 2 actually has some really good PhysX effects too. I don't care what those Radeon folks say, PhysX looks fantastic when done right. Its just a shame not more games take advantage of it.

iamgoatman2222d ago

Apparently Physx isn't even that difficult to run in BL2 with a AMD card, just so long as you've got a strong CPU.

tachy0n2222d ago

no, have anybody seen the amount of MMO's being released exclusively for PC?

also dont forget the games on steam!

urwifeminder2222d ago

No ive never had it so good ive been rebuying multi plats and am stunned at full 1080p extra detail and smoothness and games are so much cheaper woo hoo.

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