Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate coming to Wii U and 3DS in March

Lou: "Capcom has released a batch of screenshots and details for their upcoming remake, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate. Originally released in 2010 for the Wii, Monster Hunter 3 was a critical and commercial success and arguably one of the console’s best titles."

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wiiulee2246d ago

ooh thats a big win for the wiiu in japan.

Moonman2246d ago

It's hitting japan this December.

guitarded772246d ago

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and Dragon Quest X are gonna keep Wii U out of stock in Japan for a while.

RAFFwaff2246d ago

System seller. And hopefully it's the start of companies using more wii u/3ds connectivity.

Khordchange2246d ago

i hope america gives this a shot, its incredibly awesome, its like the new pokemon in japan(not quite as popular, but still very close)

neogeo2246d ago (Edited 2246d ago )

yeah right! I mean who even plays Monster Hunter anyway ahaha......

right? ummm right?.....oh.

avenger.avrs2246d ago

Oops I accidentally clicked disagree. Sorry about that (my stupid fat fingers and this touchscreen never seem to agree with eachother).

neogeo2246d ago

I accidental hit +bubble for you:)

DivineAssault 2245d ago

i hit -bub for u.. & a disagree for trolling too.. Dont get marked here like the last one ;)

neogeo2245d ago (Edited 2245d ago )

Thanks I just did the same for you but marked for spam:)

Ben_Grimm2246d ago

Damn this will sky rocket 3DS sales in Japan. Would love to give Monster Hunter a go on WiiU, hopefully it comes over here.

mobiusoneac42246d ago

It's coming to EU/USA in March for Wii U and 3DS. The announcement was last Thursday. Wii U will have online play and 3DS will have local.

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