Wii U - 5 Reasons To Pick Up Nintendo's New Console At Launch (And 5 Reasons To Wait)

Gamesradar- Gamers seem divided on Nintendo's Wii U, which is due to hit store shelves in the US on November 18. Some seem skeptical of the gimmicky controller, and unconvinced that the hardware will have what it takes to compete with the “true” next-generation with the Xbox 720 and PS4 right around the corner. Others, though, have already plunked down their $350 for the Deluxe edition, and are ready to get the next-gen started as soon as they possibly can.

We've already discussed our thoughts on the price (link to price article), but now we've decided to lay out all of the arguments for those still on the fence about Nintendo's unique console.

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AO1JMM2314d ago

hmmmm interesting reasons but I am still getting one.

DivineAssault 2314d ago

Those thoughts go through my head all the time but im waiting..

Yodagamer2314d ago

I'm not sure on it yet, maybe if i have enough money, i'll consider it since they do have rayman legends, zombiu, and black ops 2 with wii remote support.

rainslacker2314d ago

My reason for picking one up at launch....Because I want one. Pretty simple, don't know why people have to justify their purchases to others.

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