Sony Missing An Opportunity With No North America 12GB PS3

Gamer Living's Will Anderson offers his thoughts on the lack of a 12GB PlayStation 3 SKU in North America.

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Godmars2902271d ago

And I bet if they had put out in the US there'd be half a dozen articles about how its a rip off.

The very same I've presented towards the Xbox's non/HDD SKUs.

tubers2270d ago

If both are likely to have a negative reaction then why not root for the lesser "evil".

Having another option for the new PS3 model is kind of nice for the consumers.

morganfell2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

It's amazing to see that some high school blog written from a parents basement, knows more about marketing than Sony.

It's great that between home work and part time at the fry vat of Bob's Burgers the writer was able to refute the market research Sony conducted as regards North America. And not only refute, since any mule can kick a barn door open, but refute and provide a more in depth plan.

Sony knew that despite being able to sell some 12GB units in North America, they would in the end lose money on such a venture and would be better served by the 250/500GB models.

However, the younger brother of Good Will Hunting figured out some equation that defies the laws of finance. Any day now Will Anderson will go to work as the CFO of the next Fortune 500 company and Sony will regret having not listened to his advice. Damn you evil laws of common sense! Damn you!

(Joking aside, does no one realize that Sony did not make the 12GB decision haphazardly but rather after a great deal of study?)

air12270d ago

Yea morganfell what a great job sony has been doing this entire gen with marketing!

We will find out how this move will " serve them better" when all the desperate price drops and bundles start to happen very shortly..

Christopher2270d ago

***We will find out how this move will " serve them better" when all the desperate price drops and bundles start to happen very shortly..***


Where the heck did that come from and why? What history does Sony have in tremendous price dropping this generation to draw upon that from?

And, yeah, their marketing could be a ton better... In the U.S. In other regions, it's more than what the 360 does. Kind of like how NA is the most heavily marketed region for MS.

rainslacker2270d ago

It's internet logic tubers...

View 1: Multiple SKU's will only confuse the consumer and will cause it to fail.

View 2: They aren't giving consumers enough options and will cause it to fail.

People on forums: Well everyone said View 1 was right now see what you get.

Other people on forums: Well everyone said View 2 was right now see what you get.

Sheikh Yerbouti2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


Sony outsources their advertisements if that's what you're asking about. At first they sucked, but the outsourcer hired some folks to do it for them. That's how we got Kevin Butler and not scary baby dolls.

The ads have been few and far between, but what Morganfell says applies to that as well. Remember Microsoft has something called Windows, and very, very little overhead besides feeding the code monkeys. Their main role ain't a manufacturer. Sony has to go out and make crap. Microsoft ain't normal; they can afford mill a second spots, circus elephants and Usher Raymond.

It's the bottom line, cash flow, profitability...stuff like that. More than just thinking..."Wouldn't it be cool if Sony...?" Remember most people are savvy enough to swap a hard drive, and unlike the 360 you can do that with a PS3. They would likely find a drop in higher end models that may more than offset any profits gained in increase sales. Frankly with parts of Europe under austerity, this is probably a strategy arising from the current economic situation rather than a "cool idea".

Partonizing pal.

darthv722270d ago

perhaps but what is most perplexing is that those who get the 12gb and then later choose to add a hdd, that internal 12gb gets disabled.

I would think they would want to keep that storage for content that you always use like game saves or your profile history.

We know that swapping a hdd requires you to format it. So you either have to back everything up or you dont care because you can go back into your download history and get it again.

There isnt a solid confirmation on this but if it is true then that is a bigger blunder than not releasing the 12gb in the US.

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RivetCityGhoul2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )


Erimgard2271d ago

I actually agree. I'm not sure I see the larger model really having that big of a market at this point, but I know there are still people out there who simply are too cheap to buy a PS3. These are the same kinds of people who likely aren't going to care about hard drive size, so if you release a 12GB model at around $200, I think it could help Sony reach a new market. A powerful, HD console with a Blu-Ray player at $200 is a pretty good bargain, even if it wouldn't come with a large hard drive or bundled with any games.

BrianC62342270d ago

Sony is always missing an opportunity when it comes to some people. I think it's good news they didn't make that dumb stripped down 12GB model. Is anyone stupid enough to buy it? That won't get you much at all when it comes to gaming. It's hardly enough for the Vita.

Anon19742270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )

I disagree 100%. Sony would be absolutely mental to not release the 12gb model in North America. Price is such a huge considering factor for most North American consumers, especially with the current economic uncertainty. I suspect the reason Sony hasn't announced this for NA yet is they have something up their sleeve. A $149 unit that's not part of any bundle would do gangbuster business in the US, and further cement Blu-Ray in the home.

The Wii shipped with only 512 mb of storage space. Did that really hold back sales in the US? Of course not. There's an entire market out there in the US that could care less how much storage space they have. They just want to pop in a disk and play.

BrianC62342270d ago

I wouldn't count on Sony releasing it. Anyone who would buy it wouldn't buy many games anyway or would be stuck having to upgrade. Does Sony really need to sell more PS3's to people who won't buy games? The low end models just aren't worth the savings. You pay a lot more later.

Heavenly King2270d ago

There is not much sense to sell a 12gb PS3, when they are promoting a lot PS Plus. I think that is why they are not selling the 12gb unit here. They want people to subscribe to the service, but they wont if they only have 12 gigs.

rainslacker2270d ago (Edited 2270d ago )


If they are making a profit on the system they why wouldn't they want someone who doesn't buy games get it. Also most people do buy at least one game when purchasing a system. That's just added revenue.

There's also the fact that it helps give Blu-ray a bigger install base and that's a benefit for them.

Then you also have it where now you have someone that has a PS branded product in their home. This helps to stave these types of consumers off buying a different type of system later because what they have may seem good enough.

Your argument would make sense if they were still selling the system at a big loss, which they aren't.

What it comes down to is while there may not be much profit initially off the sale of the system, long term revenue's in selling a system to a casual user can be quite profitable.

rainslacker2270d ago

I'd buy one for my dad for the media features if it was available at $200. Might also have picked one up for myself to use instead of my fat BC one just so I can continue to use the fat for BC longer.

And it's not stupid to buy a 12GB model. Not everyone needs more than that, and I would wager most people don't even need that if they only play a few games a year, or only play casual games.

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