Why Call of Duty Zombies Should Become a Standalone Game

MP1st - If the recent wave of excitement generated by the ongoing teaser campaign by Treyarch for the BO2 iteration of Zombies is proof of anything, it’s that people really enjoy killing Nazi zombies. So much, in fact, that a lot of people would buy Treyarch’s CoD titles solely for the Zombies sub-game.

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Soldierone2222d ago

It would need A LOT more to it than whats already there and announced for the next BLOPS. I find it humorous when my friends say they hate Treyarch so much and only buy BLOPs for Zombies, yet I see them play it for maybe 30 minutes then go jump online....

It needs a story, it needs more in-depth levels, it needs a ton of changes and improvements to be a stand alone game. And even then are you honestly telling Activision this? Now you have to buy BLOPs and Zombies for 60 dollars EACH.....

Welshy2222d ago

if this was released on its own at £45/$60, on top of all the DLC they would release, then add the "main" COD plus all of IT'S DLC... the very little respect i have for humanity and the gaming community would disintegrate.

And i agree with Soldierone, to even hint at this to a money grabbing milk machine like Activision, a firm which knows their fanbase will break their back to mercilessly defend it at all costs right or wrong and still buy their products by the billions of $ is crazy.

If it ever happens, i hope you're proud of yourself, sir!

WeskerChildReborned2222d ago

Agreed, for Zombies to be standalone, it needs more modes and variety.

ChipChipperson2222d ago

Like you guys said, the fact that this has even been suggested is only going to give Activision another excuse to prolong this mess that they've created.

grahf2221d ago

Good points.
If they did Zombies stand alone, then they should break the entire game down and sell each part independently. $20 for zombies, $20 for campaign, $20 for multiplayer.

Then we would see with sales what people play the most.

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Vladplaya2222d ago

Never gonna happen, because then no one would by Call of Duty. OOooooo buuurrnnn... Also I rather play Left for Dead heh

ChunkyLover532222d ago

Why would someone want to make a two thin Call Of Duty games? I find that Zombies gives the Treyarch COD games a lot of extra content, there is a little something for everyone.

Anon19742222d ago

I find myself in agreement. Nazi Zombies rather rounds out the package. I wouldn't oppose Nazi Zombies being a stand alone title like Left 4 Dead, but of course they'd have to flesh it out a lot more than it currently is. The game, not the zombies.

At any rate, I plan to pass on Black Ops 2 as I really wasn't happy with the Single Player campaign on the last Black Ops, which is one of the main reasons I like COD games (I know, that probably puts me in the 0.05% of all COD players).

The first time I saw Nazi Zombies, my friends and I all had a blast with it. The second time the novelty had kinda worn off, and then most of my shooter playing friends only played Black Ops for a couple of weeks before either going back to previous COD titles or switching to other games entirely. But then, if the reviews are decent I may change my mind. I think Treyarch has come a long way over the years so I may be willing to give BO2 a look.

ChunkyLover532222d ago

I don't even like most of the zombie maps on the game, plus I think people buy the Treyarch games just for Zombies, so they'd lose that bit of people. Th only zombie map I've really enjoyed was Call Of The Dead, I played that nonstop with my friends.

I love the COD campaigns, they are usually fun and really good. I didn't mind the BO one though, but it was a bit here and there, the new one looks a lot better as far as campaigns go.

mamotte2222d ago

So activision can charge extra? no thanks.

Wizziokid2222d ago

I wouldn't pay a full retail price for it, unless they added a campaign etc, but I can see it happening in the future. It's the only reason I would consider buying Black Ops 2 personally

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