Nintendo Land: Leaving Out Online Play is a Huge Mistake

GenGAME writes: "...there’s one area of technological advancement that Nintendo has stubbornly refused to take that I think will come back to shoot them in the foot – the lack of fully online multiplayer experiences. Sure, Nintendo aims its consoles at kids as well as dedicated gamers, so an emphasis on local play is to be expected. But with Nintendo Land, the flagship multiplayer title for Wii U, completely leaving out online play, Nintendo is sending a message that what they think is important in terms of online connectivity isn’t in touch with what gamers want.

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PopRocks3592219d ago

While it's disappointing, we're talking about a bunch of tech demos. In all honesty, I'd rather they devote that sort of manpower toward online modes for games more deserving of it, like New Super Mario Bros. U or the later to come Smash Bros. title.

Erimgard2219d ago

Not all of them are "tech demos"
Metroid Blast, for instance, actually looks like a pretty detailed multiplayer shooter game.

PopRocks3592219d ago

Perhaps tech demos was not the best term to use. However, I stand by that unless you were selling them for $5 a pop, you could not sell the Nintendo Land attractions individually as their own standalone titles. Not unless each one has a lot of levels, in which case I'd of course be wrong.

That said, the online in this game is not essential. It would have been nice, but it's not a deal breaker for me, especially since my copy is coming with my Wii U.

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legendoflex2219d ago

Personally, I think it's an insult to call the Nintendo Land attractions "tech demos." Heck, I think it's an insult to call them mini-games - just like it would have been an insult to call the arcade games ported to NES tech demos or mini-games.

DivineAssault 2219d ago (Edited 2219d ago )

i really dont think many games will use online just like the wii.. sure itl be there but i doubt u can talk in many of them if its even available.. This crap is exactly what i expected.. Tekken tags online isnt like the others, mario bros u isnt online, zombie u isnt online.. im cool on this anyway.. This is a compilation of tech demos for assymetric game & gamepad gimmicks w a $60 price tag.. get real, theres no excuse for something like this not to have it.. this game is a bunch of phone games crammed together in nintendo themes w new ways of playing em..get ur act together nintendo.. its 2012 already

dark-hollow2219d ago

Yeah let's all jump to conclusions just because couple games on launch don't have online! /s

seriously Sony fanboys of you aren't interested in the console then spare us from your thoughtful "opinions" please.

BrutallyBlunt2218d ago

It will be a HUGE mistake if games like Call of Duty Black Ops 2 do not measure up in the online department. If Nintendo has any hopes of regaining the hardcore crowd the online must be comparable, or hopefully even better.

DivineAssault 2218d ago

im a fan of both sony & nintendo.. Im just starting to see why so many ppl dismiss their stuff.. I will buy wii u one day cuz i love their craftsmanship in 1st party.. I just wont buy at launch or full price anymore.. If there was an HD twilight princess or something zelda related like the wii, i would buy it just for that.. Nx gen is too close for me to blast $400+ on something that doesnt have anything i like in sight & slacking in the network department in 2012.. My vita launched having online, trophies, networks functions, cross game chat, etc so why doesnt this have it? Skype, netflix, hulu, & most of that is on there now too so i dont need a wii u already having both PS3 & vita.. But like i said, ill buy it eventually

Qrphe2219d ago

Wait what? Not thapt I would have ever buy this game but no multiplayer? So those F-Zero and Metroid minigames don't have online? Weird

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