The Wii U is Evolution Not Revolution

GotGame: The controller is the way we interact with our games, so having the best controller on the market is kind of a big deal. It should go without saying that there are many other factors that will impact how well the Wii U will function, but the Wii U’s Gamepad has me pretty excited about the potential for the system.

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Theyellowflash302217d ago

I think its tough to call right now. The controller does have the potential to be revolutionary. Microsoft and Sony are already trying to copy Nintendo. Games like ZombiU, Rayman Legends, and Aliens Colonial Marines seem like they play much better with the Gamepad. Not to mention, wait till we see the next Metroid, Zelda, Star Fox, F-Zero, and Mario with the Gamepad. After those games come out then we will truly see if the Wii U is revolutionary or not.

darthv722217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

to differentiate between evolutionary and revolutionary then you need to understand their uses. Pretty much every console since Pong is an evolutionary system. Basically we have been going up the ladder since the beginning.

The revolutionary moments in gaming would be the departure from solid state cartridges to optical discs. Some would argue that it was Philips and the CDi others would say it was NEC and the PC engine but regardless, we were introduced to a new format that went above and beyond the limits of the time.

Another revolutionary moment wold actually be the change in how we play socially. Meaning the ability to no longer be confined to split screen side by side gaming with a friend but to actually be able to compete online. Be it through the old Xband genesis modem or the more current broadband solutions. It was a moment that changed multiplayer forever.

The most current revolutionary moment is in fact the introduction of more interactive gameplay. Be that the old power glove or (ugh) u-force to the wii, move and kinect. Companies had figured we played the same way for long enough and it was time we tried something different.

Some are resistive to the idea of interactive entertainment while other embrace it as it adds a level of enjoyment that brings the player one step closer to really being in the game.

So here we are again and the debate of evolution vs revolution. The wii-u is actually both in a sense. It is the evolution of the gaming from a platform POV but it adds a new level of interaction and expands on the traditional.

The trend that is mobile gaming via tablet or smartphone has been shunned by many traditionalists when they shouldnt try and block the acceptance of such form but at the very least be more tolerant of it. Gaming has grown by leaps and bounds over the last 30 years. Going from a kids thing to an actual money making form of entertainment.

Adding the convenience of being able to play a game on the go or at your leisure from wherever you are could be considered a revolution. For if it were not these new ideas to break down the regular boundaries then we would likely be stuck with just a single stick and a little red button.

Wii-u and its tablet interface is taking that familiar approach that millions of regular people use on a daily basis and bringing it back into the home. I'm genuinely interested in the creativity from the developers in how they go from just the simple play on big screen to little screen into something more interactive that cant be done any other way.

tweet752217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

its basically an HD wii with a few more features and more power and a touch screen tablet controller.

abzdine2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

nothing to add -_-'

mamotte2217d ago

The PS3 is a HD PS2 with more features and more power. And the same controller.

The xBox360 is a HD xBox with more features and more power. And the same controller.

Sorry to burst your imagination bubble.

Samus HD2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

what a bad troll -4-.
With your logic it means that the ps3 is an HD ps2 with more power and internet features.
leave now leave, and if you ever come back we'll kill ya

(ohh damn I was too slow @mamotte)

Wizziokid2217d ago

everything is just a HD SNES guys common!

darthv722217d ago

Fairchild...get it right.

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abzdine2217d ago

i dont care what you think dear writer, we'll only have an answer to this question when games taking full advantage of Wii U will release, like Nintendo franchises (Mario Zelda).

The idea is really good and gets me curious, only time will tell if it's as good (bad) as people say.

darthv722217d ago

we may never know that. It can be said that pretty much all other platforms have some sort of untapped potential that goes beyond the technical specs.

That is where creativity comes into play.

wiiulee2217d ago

im not sure what your point of evolution and not revolution mean....evolution from what...what other console system out there had a gamepad controller and that offered the options and uniqueness that it offers? or am i missing something that only you know about?

Grimhammer002217d ago

None of this really matters. None.
Some will like the controller...some won't.

The true paradigm shift occurred 7yrs ago when online was finally brought to the masses. Nothing Ninny has shown leads me to believe they get that.

Namco/Bandai are making smash bros. and 2 months from wiiu launch and the dev team still has no idea how online is going to work! Google it, it's true.

Ninny gave a vague answer saying they won't to unhinder devs by allowing them to host and manage online. Think about this statement.

They obviously don't wanna compete against infrastructures 7/6yrs (MS/Sony) established.
I get that. But what dev is going to create their game on all three systems when one has radically different approach to mp online?

This is just going to be another repeat of wii - devs will attempt developing for it for a yr or so then drip titles on rare occasion. The controller is fine....but hardly a deal changer. $176 (converted from yen) just for a single touch pad with 3hrs of game at full charge. And the system lacks surround sound Dolby or thx!

It won't fail....but it's another casuals box in my opinion.

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