Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Preview (Prima Games)

One of the toughest – yet most rewarding – games we've played in this generation is Dark Souls, the sequel to the brutally tough Demon's Souls, which came out under Atlus' flag a couple of years ago. The sequel, released by Namco Bandai, followed a similar suit, with a lone knight facing off against a league of incredibly tough enemies, dying multiple times in the process but lumbering on to pick up additional items and quests that will challenge even the savviest of gamer taste.

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crimsonfox2314d ago

"Prepare to die edition" Is probably the best sounding edition of any game out there with multiple editions. But the best edition of anything is new edition

Hellsvacancy2314d ago

Preview? its out, why not review it?

Im soo looking forward to the dlc, I got the platinum a long time ago, but I still play it every once in a while

Anyone know what the extra trophies are?