TGS: A better look at the slimmer PS3 and Vita new colors

Destructoid - Sony let us get a bit closer to the newly announced super slim PS3 model as well as the two new colors for the PlayStation Vita at their booth today.

In the gallery below you'll find both the black and white versions of the slimmer PS3, shot from the top, side and front. You'll also see some retail box shots and the matching base stands for each. Check out the front shot of the black PS3 -- it's so thin.

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LOL_WUT2217d ago

You can't even see the PS3 logo up on top.

AznGaara2217d ago

I really hope that White super slim is coming to the states. My old launch model is starting to show its age and I'm waiting until Black Friday to buy this super slim

MEsoJD2217d ago

In this case, I actually find the white one more sexy. Though it would totally stand out from all of my other electronics(them being black).

abzdine2217d ago (Edited 2217d ago )

i want vita in colors outside Japan.....