Phantasy Star Online 2 Tokyo Game Show trailers

Sega has released three new trailers for Phantasy Star Online 2 at the Tokyo Game Show, one for each version of the game.

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taquito2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

jeez.....the vita version looks by far the WORST, jaggies everywhere, low res, looks like a psp game!

pc version obviously the best, but the mobile ain't bad and will probably be $5-$10 at most!

JAMurida2314d ago

The Vita version didn't look THAT bad, IMO. But it still blows my mind why SEGA feels putting PSO 2 on the Vita and not PS3 makes sense...

CShadow2314d ago

Ps Vita looks worst than what the Xbox 360 version...oh wait its a no go.

Blackcanary2312d ago

gonna be getting this day one for my vita can't wait.