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TSA: "The new PS3, out in just over a week, is strong, bold and desperately trying to be different, but seems to be facing something of an uphill struggle with gamers used to sleek, curved lines on their consoles. It’s that top section, ridged, cutaway, scooped out like an eighties Bang and Olufsen project but without much of the refinement commonly associated with high-end hi-fi equipment – you can’t miss it, it’s a defining feature."

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darthv722272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

reminds me more of an old console record player/stereo. Slide the lid to the side and bam, there is your player.

i will say this though, I like this option rather than if they went with a flip top like the ps2 slim. flip tops have been used as by nec (turboduo), sega (cd model 2), 3do (fz-10)and a few others.

It's nice to see a departure from the norm. So we can call this a slide top.

The slim (current) and slimmer (announced) and maybe sony can get with their disc-man team to make one really small. Like PSOne small with detachable screen.

CommonSenseGamer2272d ago

It is what it is. The cheapest looking PS3 yet. This might be one occassion where the cheap knock offs from China end up looking better.

Loved the original PS3, the first slim grew on me but really dont know about this one.

neogeo2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

I always hated mechanical opening disk drives. All systems and DVD players and car stereos I have ever bought failed at some point due to that little motor jamming or burning out, so I'm exciting for the slide top. I own retro systems like Sega Saturn that have the pop top and after 13 years still run great.

This is also a good move for Sony to keep up when WiiU comes out. I suspect this little guy has a big profit margin, so the plan is to keep the price high for a few months and make a buck and watch what happens with WiiU.

A. WiiU sells amazing as expected, there is plenty of room for a heavy price drop or 2 and still break even without a loss putting PS3 in the casual impulse buy category:)

B. WiiU some how flops, has a problem like a faulty hardware part or simply out slowly like 3DS. Then decide the keep the price the same and keep raking in the profits. I'm not really on any fanboy side here and Will get both systems but I do worry about Sony's profit because It's getting scary and the loss of any game company is a lose to all us gamers.

medman2272d ago

I've got to be honest... I'm completely underwhelmed. I don't see the point with this console. Especially considering they are cutting corners with materials but asking consumers to pay the same price? As a 360 and PS3 owner, I'm fairly satisfied with both consoles at the moment, as there are many games on the horizon in 2012-2013 I am really looking forward to playing. Of course I'm interested to see what the next consoles will deliver, but I'm in no rush for them. I'm generally not an early adopter of new tech. I prefer to let other folks buy the first consoles, I wait at least 6-8 months to see what bugs/issues they might develop before purchasing. Unless there is a launch game/games that I absolutely must have that strategy won't change. It hasn't happened yet, maybe Microsoft or Sony will wow me with what they have planned, but I'm not holding my breath in anticipation, that's for sure.

sway_z2272d ago (Edited 2272d ago )

Gamers have become a moany bunch of wan**ers in recent seems whatever a company (mostly Sony/Nintendo) does, ppl will purposefully find fault.

As the old adage goes 'You can't please everyone, so please your damned self' .....

Sony had to do something to get back in the black, but you non understanding business degenerates will never get that....

Boo hoo! Nintendo is underpowered and too casual...Sony's (Free) online infrastructure is rubbish, Sony provides too many games (secretly envious) that don't sell as much as my consoles (modest) selection of 1st party titles!!! >What are we 'Shareholders'??

....ever considered your beloved hardware is turning into a set top box? ....and that maybe MS studios release so few games to their loyal (hungry) fan base, that any 1st party game is bound to sell well? - Don't even respond with 'Our multi-plats are better' change the record!

...i'm not having a pop specifically at Xbox owners here (Respect to your choice of hardware), but don't project your insecurities on potential Wii U buyers or PS3 buyers...if you're truly happy STFU!

Zip it and don't purchase whatever game/hardware you're whining about....and quit pretending you're a gamer!

Disagree naysayers's the only power you'll ever have in your entire life you USB powered maggots!

Apologies in advance to the REAL gamer out there for my frustration!

* BTW the new PS3 is functional and finally affordable to those who are strapped for cash....Welcome late comers, embrace the games, not the hardware!

neogeo2272d ago

I love buying all systems. I hope all company's stay afloat. Nintendo is fine and MS has gobs of money but I do worry about Sony. I'm no share holder but I pay attention because it would be a sad day if there stock got too low and they announced they were dropping out of gaming. So yes I get stressed out a bit if a good game bombs.

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