Borderlands 2 Golden Chest Unlimited Loot Glitch?

Players have already discovered a Borderlands 2 glitch that allows unlimited loot to be taken from the pre-order Golden Chest. Apparently this requires co-op, watch the video below for more info:

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Reibooi2219d ago

The reactions these guys have to this glitch is priceless.

CrimsonessCross2218d ago

just like a kid freaking out about from either disneyland or christmas gifts :3

I really don't know if i'd get that loud in being over-excited haha :) but still funny, awesome and amazing.

vallencer2219d ago

It's a shame people do this. I feel like it ruins the point of the game but then again im not playing their game.

barb_wire2219d ago

It's a glitch, nothing new.. Borderlands 1 had them too.. still only really works if you have pre-ordered golden key.

Just adds some more fun into an already fun game.

vallencer2219d ago

You can get a gold key by signing up for their shift account through extras.

KidBroSweets22218d ago

Yep, I got mine that way but I accidentally used it the first time I got to sanctuary because I was just all gitty that I found a loot chest and I wasted the key cause now I don't even use the 2 weapons I got from it anymore since they're so weak :(

Carlman22219d ago

Has anyone else done this? How is it done?

ExCest2219d ago

I didn't bother watching the video but since I know BL1...

Your friend opens the chest and force kills the game. You pick up the items. Your friend never saved or autosaved so he keeps key. You now have his items and the key.

Carlman22219d ago

That's not how it goes down in the video.

ExCest2219d ago

They don't explain anything really so I don't know how to do this.

AmyAmata2216d ago

I did this by pure accident, I had one gold key from preordering the game and another when I registered to Shift. I used one when I got to Sanctuary and waited to use the other one until I was level 20. I used the key, and then it bugged out and just let me continue opening it from then on. But then as I was sorting my headphones out something dropped by my Xbox accidentally turned it off and I couldn't do the glitch anymore. Still got all the guns though.

WittyAdrian2218d ago

Thats the phrase every dev likes to hear "I think I broke the game". :P

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The story is too old to be commented.