DS fanboys proved right: Oblivion coming to PSP

Bethesda Softworks has announced that its Xbox 360 and PC smash hit Oblivion is coming to PSP.

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Schmitty076412d ago

I assume you will use the joystick to move and d-pad to turn camera angle, but anyone who has played Monster Hunter Freedom on PSP knows how annoying it is. I don't think this will work out well.

Geohound6412d ago

yeah, that doesn't sound like its going to be game of the year.

frostbite066412d ago

Whats the reason for this? If there gona put it on the psp, they might as well put it on the original xbox and ps2.

PS360WII6412d ago

Doesn't seem like a good platform to put it on. Plus I don't get the title of this. Did the ds people say it's coming out for psp?

specialguest6412d ago

i have no idea how they are gonna make this game work for the PSP. Oblivion is a game with a huge free-roaming environment with so much content. also, i wonder if they are gonna pull a Killzone liberation and turn it into a third-person point of view game.

ElFozzie6412d ago

Agree re: the platform. As for the title of the story, it's a joke about how PSP is always written off by DS people on the forums etc (it's doomed etc = oblivion). Oh well :)

Krazydad6410d ago (Edited 6410d ago )

I am a huge fan of the PSP, its a great system. But putting a game like Oblivion on the PSP seems a little wrong. There is no way that they will have the ability to capture the escense of Oblivion on the PSP. Maybe just another action/adventure/platformer for the PSP, but slap the Elder Scrolls name on it. Whats next, UT2007 for the DS?

BigPimpin6412d ago

If you go to www.elderscrolls.com its for the Playstation 3 also. Now this is probably good news for sony but I wouldn't get all excited because the game is probably going to look the same on both platforms. It may have a bit of touch-ups like framerate issues stuff like that, but it will look probably the same as the 360 version. Now everyone can enjoy this game.


Acquire Joins KADOKAWA Group: Could This Mean A Revival for Tenchu & Way of the Samurai ?

Acquire, famous for games like Tenchu and Octopath Traveler, becomes KADOKAWA subsidiary. Can this mean a revival for beloved series?

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Snookies127d ago (Edited 7d ago )

I would kill to have a Way of the Samurai game with a huge budget and modern tech... The first game was one of my greatest joys on PS2 back in the day. And I really hope From Software will do something with Tenchu... I hate that they're just sitting on the IP like it doesn't even exist.

Relientk776d ago

Don't play with my feelings like that.

Also, new Tenchu please!

TheColbertinator6d ago

Tenchu would be superb in this day and age. Ninja and samurai games are hot right now and more is better.

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Original Final Fantasy 7 - Is it Worth Playing in 2024?

Final Fantasy 7 has come back under the spotlight thanks to the release of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, but is it worth replaying the original?

ravens529d ago

Got to Zacks part in 7 Rebirth. Said f it. Finishing my game in 7 og. Just got to part 2 yesterday. I also got Crisis Core... So it'll be a while before I'm back to Rebirth. I just keep thinking about it too smh, want to get back to playing it. Not till I know Zacks story though. I beat 7 og sooooooo long ago, it's crazy going through it again and remembering things.

MrNinosan9d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Got to Zacks part in Rebirth?
You mean you started the game and turned it off?
The game starts with Zack...

ravens529d ago

... Really 🤓 lol. His second part, I've played for 80hrs lmao. <---- PS5 Run time, probably not all game time. You guys know how it goes.

VIK21219d ago (Edited 9d ago )

Did you not ever play the OG FF7? After you recruit Vincent, later in the game, disc 3, return to that basement and look at the pod, there's a whole Zack story that'll trigger as a memory.... it's well hidden in the game and a lot of things regarding Zack are cleared up. FF7 Crisis Core is basically an extend feature of that hidden flashback... It took me years to discover it back then lol


MrNinosan9d ago

80 hours in Rebirth by doing everything, and you should've reached Zacks story about 5 times 🤣

ravens528d ago

Ye I kno that's y I said not all gameplay time. But also I am very anal when it comes to exploring.

ravens528d ago

Not to mention fighting Titan at his full strength. Hours spent trying still haven't succeeded. Found all 3 ruins but I'ma masochist when it comes to games.

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AdventurerDonLocke10d ago

I'm replaying it right now.