Five Reasons Why WWE 13 Will Be Worth Buying

Gamer Euphoria writes:

''Wrestling games have a bit of a bad name these days. With accusations of the games never really changing or adding anything, a lot of people have become a little jaded. WWE 13 looks set to try and lure the jaded players back, and here’s five reason why it’s going to be worth buying.''

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knowyourstuff2221d ago

Until they fix the ridiculous glitches, gameplay and horrible sound issues, release after release, engine revamp after engine revamp, "building from the ground up" claims, we've had enough. Unless you love what they were doing already then you will already buy this no matter what, but if you were tired of it 6 years ago, you will still be tired of it as everything that bothered you about the game back then still exists.

Pathetic yearly releases from a shoddy developer with no talent, figures. Fight Night Round 4 made me hate wrestling games and wrestling in general, it just showed me how hokey and ridiculous wrestling is as a concept, and this is coming from the biggest wrestling fan in the world back in the day, having gone to WrestleMania 23 and several other pay per views, owning tons of WWE DVD's and merchandise, I just hate wrestling now.

GamerEuphoria2221d ago

To be fair when they do decent wrestling games no one tends to buy them e.g. WWE All Stars

2pacalypsenow2221d ago

its got attitude era entrances and wrestlers thats enough for me

DeadlyFire2221d ago

I just wonder if THQ thinks its just a bad roster that makes their game bad. If that is the case then it will not please me, but I do like Attitude era additions so I might try it out.

ado9082221d ago

I can give you one main reason why not to buy it. Wrestling games are basically the same shit every year and if anything the only good wrestling games ever released is smackdown here comes the pain, shut your mouth, and smackdown vs raw 2006

Gaming1012221d ago

As you can see, all the best wrestling games came out when there was competition in the wrestling games business. When THQ was in competition creating games for the PS2 with devs creating xbox wrestling games, the games showed huge changes. Now that they have no competition, they have the Madden franchise mentality, with no competition they go on and on year after year with little to no risks or changes. Bleh.

DeadlyFire2221d ago

I think different devs on each platform helped with competition they strived to be better than the other ones every year. It was excellent back then and now its just bad. Because oviously they didn't keep that dev team that was working with PS2. They hired new people and forgot all about the ones that did those games and started down this new path.

SaffronCurse2221d ago

Ea should step in and make a WWE game.

shotgunshine2221d ago

I bought WWE 12 last was my first WWE game since the PS2 days. While I liked it the online was absolutely atrocious. I would love to get this first day but i'm waiting to see how the online is...and going by THQ's track record(WWE 12, UFC Undisputed 3) i'm not going to hold my breath that it will be good.

rbailey2219d ago

Agreed.. The Online issues singlehandedly had me ditch that game early. I also wasn't a fan of some of the DLC wrestlers being so pricey but it is what it is.

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