HD DVD format war turns to Blu-ray civil war

GizmoRepublic 02/07/2008 - 08:21:

Blu-ray has all but sunk competitor HD DVD in the format war since Warner defected to other side to support the format exclusively. But the victory could be hollow as the limitations of Blu-ray players become all too apparent.

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ravinash4847d ago

Couldn't they just give a CD or what ever disk to the owners that has the latest updates on it so they can install them that way?

ITR4847d ago

They do, but it's only to get movie playback.
Some Samsungs couldn't even playback new Fox and Disney movies once they went to DRM+.

But you can not update the profiles. You might once they get to profile 2.0.
The only BD player you can update profiles now is a PS3.

BDA should've waited until it hit profile 2.0 to release players to the public.
Stand alone players with 1.0 should've never hit the stands. Sony could've just made the PS3 it's sole BD player until this summer. I mean hell it's sold like 9 mil. something already.

phony force slayer4846d ago

my samsung blu ray player wont play transformers
oh wait it hasnt got it lol