[email protected] Resident Evil 6 Demo Impressions

After the success of Resident evil 5, Capcom expressed their hope in making a fifth installment in the extremely successful and world-renowned, Resident Evil series.

The story takes place in 2013 (one year from now),

Chronologically, the game starts in December 2012, in the fictional South-Slavic state of Edonia. Edonian Liberation Army mercenary Jake Muller, the son of late bio-terrorist Albert Wesker, flees from the authorities during a bioterrorist attack. During Jake’s adventure, he partners up with Division of Security Operations (DSO) agent and Raccoon City survivor Sherry Birkin. At the same time, Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA) Captain Chris Redfield and his team, including Piers Nivans fight against BOWs and J’avo.

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